Five Ways To Beat Big Brands At Their Own Game

Have a plan, the necessary tools and equipment, and a team to execute the plan

Here are 5 ways to beat the competition at the #1 most overlooked reason that customers return again and again. The condition of your facility has the biggest impact on your customer’s experience – even more than your staff does. This will help you create raving fans that talk about you to all their friends, and also avoid the #1 leading cause of bad reviews.

Larger brands have been through the process of mapping out their teams, the tools and equipment they need, and how often they will have to replace the consumables that will keep these teams stocked and effectively managing the challenges at hand.

The only way to compete with larger brands is to employ a similar system and assemble a schedule that will keep your facility in great shape. Here is how to beat larger companies:

1: Hire better teams. Large companies usually pay minimum wage for cleaning and maintenance staff, which can cause issues when you want to grow your team or you have strict systems in place that need to be managed effectively. People make the team!

2: Insist on ongoing training opportunities. Invest in your staff by making sure that they are receiving regular training and become experts in building maintenance and sanitation. Always offer room for growth if a team member wants to advance.

3: Employ improved systems and processes. Use computerized systems to track and manage your teams and your stock usage and to govern all of your processes. Use data collection to improve and advance your existing processes and establish systems that work better as you find out more about hygiene and maintenance.

4:  Use accountability and rewards systems. Sanitation and maintenance may not be glamorous, but it can be motivated effectively under the right conditions. To maintain consistently good work, offer performance incentives and bonuses and teach your staff to be highly accountable for the work that they do on premises.

5: Test innovation. New innovations are being introduced into the facility sanitation and maintenance sector all the time. Do not be afraid to try new things; be innovative, and encourage your staff to bring ideas to the table. (A new floor, for example, may be just what you need.)

Vital team elements like innovation, motivation, and consistency are all areas that you can capitalize on outside of a large corporate environment. Big brands rarely pay their staff well, and they do not offer opportunities beyond what is “standard” in the industry.

You can attract competent, intelligent staff that will be able to function on a higher level because you have taken the time to make their job important to the overall success of your company and facility. This is where the fundamental difference lies; do not forget to use it to your extreme advantage.

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