Facility Hygiene Management & Maintenance Book

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Many books about growing a business only cover the sales, marketing and advertising aspects. This book lays out a proven step-by-step system to beat the competition at the #1 most overlooked reason that customers return again and again. The condition of your facility has the biggest impact on your customer’s experience – even more than your staff does. We will show you how to create raving fans that talk about you to all their friends, and also how to avoid the #1 leading cause of bad reviews.

Is your family-owned facility being crushed by larger competitors? 

What if I told you that you can fight back and win? How? 

With sterling customer reviews, where every photo, comment and video placed online about your brand invites more people through your doors.

Whether you are a school, a restaurant, retail store or medical center there is simple way to guarantee you always come out on top with The Clean Method.

• Find out how to use hygiene, health and safety as your marketing secret weapon

• Work through the Clean Method steps to overwhelm your competition

• Learn about customer-centric cleaning and employee hygiene and safety

• Get advanced building safety & hygiene practices to boom your business

With The Clean Method you will not miss any hygiene opportunity to convert a paying customer into an enthusiastic reviewer. You will build an army of positive sentiment and people will love returning to your consistently clean, hygienic facility.

Get ahead of big brands by competing where they fail (With hygiene!).

Take action now and turn your facility into a healthier, safer place for employees and customers!

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Give Your Small Business a Clean Edge:

This Newly Released Book Shows You How to Clean Up – Literally!

Facility Hygiene Management & Maintenance: The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining a Safe and Sanitary Business gives you valuable insider tips from a leading expert on commercial facility hygiene who has inspected venues in the USA and abroad. With this new book, you can learn how to develop a customer-centric cleaning strategy that will help you win the battle against the big names among your competition. When you put the information in this just released book to work for you, your business will start to really shine.

How Cleaning Up Can Help You Clean Up

Good customer reviews and word of mouth are priceless, but did you know that taking the right approach to hygiene at your business premises can be the secret to getting those rave reviews? Facility Hygiene Management and Maintenance: The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining a Safe and Sanitary Business tells you exactly how to get your premises ready for a close up and why you need to do it this way. Get the edge your higher profile competitors have overlooked and scoop up the business of those clients who notice and care – which is a lot of people!

Learn all about using the CLEAN method to not only have a sparkling space but to get and retain more customers, get the most efficient use of your cleaning equipment, and reap the benefits of having happier, more productive and protected employees. This is about more than a tidy and sanitary environment for your customers and staff; this is about fine tuning your reputation to eclipse the competition with the stellar reviews you’ll earn from customers.

Whatever industry or geographic area you are in, competition is fierce and it is often big.

Cleanliness is often the competition’s weak point, so making it one of your unique selling points can give your business a massive boost. Do it the right way with the expert, insider advice and tips found in Facility Hygiene Management and Maintenance: The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining a Safe and Sanitary Business.

How-To Build Your Business Facility Maintenance Team