Facility Décor Maintenance

Keep your décor functional, beautiful, and readily available for your target customer, patient, or client

A crucial part of the cleanliness of your facility extends to your décor and staff too. If your décor is old and outdated and your staff are not focused on hygiene and keeping it clean, it can cause just as much concern in your customers as it would if an area of your premises was not thoroughly hygienic.

Facility Décor Maintenance

Your facilities décor is a large part of your core brand identity, and the state that you keep it in says a lot to your customers about your brand. Think about the last time you walked into a restaurant and saw frayed, old curtains, outdated tablecloths, and musty-smelling carpets! Do your front-of-house floors have that same distinctly foul smell that all big chain steakhouses are known for? Be honest.

No matter what your facility is there to achieve, your brand is irrevocably tied to the décor that you have chosen to attract people to your business. For a doctor’s room, it may be the difference between trust and doubt; for a retail store, the difference between a paying customer and a once-off browser. Never underestimate the power of well-maintained décor.

In the restaurant industry, for example, poor décor can spell disaster. Some 75% of new restaurants fail in the first five years, and décor has a lot to do with that. Run through this general maintenance checklist to see if your décor is helping or harming your facility.

  •        Check your lighting. What kind of mood are you trying to create? Bright lighting may be chasing your customers away.
  •        Check your surfaces. Your tabletop décor creates a culture—what does yours say? Look at your vases, candelabra, glassware, dinnerware, linen, and cutlery. Is it in line with the image you are trying to project? Update this every two years.
  •        Check your music. Silence makes people uncomfortable, but music is often the reason they enjoy returning to a place, be it a restaurant, salon, or office.
  •        Check your walls and ceilings. Color coordination matters. Throw out old wallpaper and instead choose warm or clean colors that support your business model.
  •        Check your floors. The floors of your establishment set the tone for the cleanliness of your facility. If your floors are hard to clean, sticky, musty, frayed, old, or dirty looking, you have serious problems.

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General maintenance means making sure that your décor stays functional, beautiful, and readily available for your target customer, patient, or client.

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