Everlast® Epoxy vs Neverlast Flooring | When Researching The Best Waterproof Flooring Options, Make Sure You Understand These Common Vulnerabilities In Many Flooring Systems

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When Researching The Best Waterproof Flooring Options, Make Sure You Understand These Common Vulnerabilities In Many Flooring Systems

Often business owners don’t think about moisture protection until it’s too late, and I get it. You’ve got hundreds of other things on your mind. Between managing your establishment, staff, and customers… the list is long and it never seems to shrink. But when it comes to moisture damage, it can really put a dent in your operation. Having waterproof flooring, that actually works, can save you a lot of cash.

But this brings up another problem. Most floors claim to “be waterproof”. And most of them are… when they are first installed and they haven’t been through the ringer of constant foot traffic and abuse.

Which brings up a story from one of our hospital clients.

They had tile on their kitchen floor which started to leak water into the surgery rooms below them. Although the tile was “waterproof”, the constant foot traffic had removed the waterproof coating on top of the tile, allowing water to easily make its way through the naturally porous tile.

To be fair, most tile manufacturers expect this to happen. So they often require a second-tier waterproofing material to be placed underneath the tile. But, that failsafe system had failed as well.

Not only did the hospital have to stop using their kitchen while the floor was being fixed, they also had to stop all surgeries from being performed in the rooms below due to the high risk of contamination for the patients.

Unforeseen Waterproof Flooring Problems Are Expensive

Water damage, with the exception of extreme cases like flooding, tends to take a while to happen and accumulate. But once the damage has started, it continues to break down and damage your floor and even leak into floors below.

Below are just a handful of problems caused by water damage;

  • Water underneath the flooring material can cause the tile or rubber sheet to come loose and even pop up,
  • A nasty smell can build up when moisture and bacteria start to build up underneath your floor,
  • Leaking ceilings can also cause mold problems. People with mold allergies can have even more severe reactions,
  • Pipes and electrical conduits can become damaged due to extensive moisture exposure.
  • tile and rubber sheet are often vulnerable around drains and water damage often occurs in and around drains, funny enough.

For most businesses, the worst water damage issues are the increased health risks associated with mold and often needing to close down the damaged rooms while renovations take place.

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Having a 100% Waterproof Floor Will Prevent All Of These Problems From Happening

Everlast® Epoxy is a 100% waterproof system. And we can guarantee this because;

  • Our system is seamless, so there is a zero chance of water breaking through a grout line or when a seam comes apart… because we don’t have seams or grout lines,
  • Our waterproof compound is applied into the mixture, it’s not just a top coat that can be worn off from high traffic exposure,
  • Our epoxy resin-rich material creates a solid flooring system, meaning that water cannot penetrate through the system because it’s non-porous all the way through… unlike most epoxy systems from our competitors that just have a waterproof glaze on top of the floor,
  • Because our system is troweled onto the surface, it seals fluidly around drains, unlike tile that needs to be precisely cut in order to seal around the drain,
  • Our system can be troweled up walls like in shower rooms. Our customers have gone as high as 8 feet up walls and even across ceilings!

Also, an Everlast® Floor does not need a second-tier waterproofing system underneath. In fact, we recommend against adding another waterproof system.

If we come back to our hospital story, they decided to go with an Everlast® Epoxy floor to handle their repairs after researching waterproof flooring options. Seven years later and they’ve had zero issues with it.

It goes around pipes, drains, pretty much everything. Even over existing flooring!

Everlast® Floor Can Provide Moisture Protection

An Everlast® Floor can even be used to provide moisture protection over existing floors, like wooden floors. Almost no other flooring company has material that can be applied directly to plywood and still maintain its strength.

Which brings us to another client of ours that had an urgent situation to stop water from leaking to their basement… filled with priceless artwork!

A Saint Augustine Cathedral had a plywood substrate with tile on top. But the water was leaking through, into the rooms below, and damaging the artworks being stored. They thought that the tile floor qualified as waterproof flooring for basements.

Determined to prevent their artwork from being damaged further, an Everlast® Epoxy Certified Installer was brought in and applied the material on top of the tile. Years later and the leaking hasn’t returned. It worked so well that they brought the Everlast® Epoxy team back in a few years later to fix another floor that was causing problems.

Do Your Own Research On The Best Waterproof Flooring Options

Whether you need waterproof flooring over existing tile or waterproof flooring over existing hardwood…

…prevention is a lot cheaper than fixing large areas damaged by water or moisture. And it doesn’t have to be more expensive to have a solid, durable flooring system that is waterproof (and retains it’s waterproof properties even after a decade plus…).

When you are doing your flooring options research, make sure to check if the flooring material is porous, if it has seams, and how easy it is to install it around drains.

These three trouble spots are where most of the water damage happens.

We here at Everlast® Epoxy firmly believe that we have the right solution for your needs. We can confidently say this because many of our past clients have been commercial kitchens, swimming pool facilities, and hospitals.

However, we understand you have many questions before making your decision. Why not give us a call and talk to one of our friendly floor experts today?

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