Everlast® Epoxy vs Neverlast Flooring | How To Choose The Right Material For Your Commercial Shower Floors & Walls

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How To Choose The Right Material For Your Commercial Shower Floors & Walls

Are you a facility manager that is trying to get away from using tile on your shower floors and walls? Although tile can be beautiful to look at, it presents many challenges when it comes to practical use in a high-traffic area, such as a swimming pool shower room.

Broken or washed-out grout lines, height differences between tiles that create dips for water to stand on, and poorly sealed drains are unfortunately common issues with tile in commercial settings, even when experienced tile setters are hired to install the tile.

Besides the chance that the tile is poorly installed onto the floor, which increases the chances of those issues above happening, tiles themselves are not the best option for wet environments.

Let’s assume for a minute that a tile floor was laid down perfectly. No bad grout lines, perfectly level, and the drains are sealed as best as possible…

… tiles are naturally porous and even if you add a layer of waterproof sealant on top of them, it wears off, allowing water to be absorbed by the tile. Once you have water underneath the tile, it will degrade the thin set holding it down and eventually pop the tile up.

Needless to say, you’ll have a host of other issues to deal with when you’ve got loose tile in a busy, wet area.

There Are Many Commercial Bathroom And Shower Systems To Choose From And Not All Of Them Are Equal

When it comes to marketing, it’s easy to say that your material or your flooring system works or it is the best. It’s just a matter of writing a few words and making a claim that your floors are waterproof and they will last.

But, how long will they last? How long until the waterproof top coat comes off and anything goes?

These are questions you need to ask yourself when researching and selecting any type of material, whether it’s flooring material or something else.

When it comes to options for commercial bathrooms and shower areas, there are many to choose from. But, not every option is a good option.


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Let’s Look At Prefabricated Shower Units.

They need to be accurately measured and manufactured. And if you have many shower units, they might not all be exactly the same size. Not all contractors are 100% accurate in measuring dimensions.

So, you need to measure each one individually to confirm the size.

That can add a lot of time to the project. For many facilities, like schools or elderly care homes, you can’t afford for the project to take too long or be delayed. And don’t forget, with prefabricated shower units, you have seams all over the place. These areas can turn into problem areas. Drains are another problem area. You should always confirm they are still intact and that they won’t leak.

When it comes to drains, you need to make sure your flooring material is sealing the drain in. Otherwise, you risk water slipping underneath the flooring material before it makes its way into the drain. This can cause some serious damage… especially if there are other levels below that drain.

Next Up Is Tile.

When it comes to slip resistance, tile is not always the best option. Although there is slip-resistant tile, the top material can wear off over time and turn into a smooth surface.

And like we touched on before, it is porous and requires a skilled installer to install it properly. Now, I have a lot of respect for tile setters. Many of them are dedicated to their craft. But let’s be honest here… there are many that are either starting their career or simply don’t care about quality.

That’s where problems show up, like tile popping up or tiling around the drain isn’t done properly and the seal is incomplete.

With Everlast® Floor and Walls, You Can Completely  Seal Your Shower Rooms From Moisture. 

Our system can go up walls and it’s a seamless system. Our epoxy shower wall coating has been troweled up to 8 feet onto walls.

We’ve even done ceilings.

Because Everlast® Epoxy shower floor coatings are a resin-rich troweled-on system, it creates a permanent bond between the Everlast® Epoxy material and the substrate.

You don’t need a second tier waterproofing system underneath. In fact, we don’t recommend that you do that at all.

But, you need to make sure your drains are still working fine before installing it.

Everlast® Epoxy floors are a liquid system… so it creates a tight seal around each drain. If you are using tile, it's very difficult to get a tight seal, even if you use grout to seal the drain in.

And it lasts longer than any competing flooring material out there and we’ve got proof to back up this claim.

Even a prefabricated shower system will not handle the wear and tear like an Everlast® Floor because prefabricated showers have weak spots around the seams.

And they certainly don’t offer you the flexibility of installation like an Everlast® Epoxy floor. The only measuring you need to do is the amount of material you’ll need… which is a simple process.

Also, our flooring system can have anti-slip components added to the mixture. You can add more components in places you expect a lot of traffic AND water to be present, like in the shower area, and less in areas like the dressing room.

If you feel like your shower floor needs more anti-slip or even less anti-slip texture, no problem!

Most of our certified contractors will start off by doing a test shower. From there, they can modify that test if requested and then complete the rest of the showers exactly the same.

Everlast® Epoxy floors Can Go Over Most Pre-existing Floors

And as a bonus, many of our customers love this part of a Everlast® Epoxy floor installation.

If you have old tile already on your shower floors and walls, you can easily install over top. You just scuff the tile up and then trowel over.

No more spending lots of money on demolition work.

And it’s quick to install.

A recently certified dealer of ours took on a 150-unit project. Each unit had a shower and toilet inside it. They finished the project in under a month, doing around 6-8 units each day.

Always Do Your Own Research First Before Deciding On Which System To Put On Your Commercial Shower Floors & Walls

Needless to say, I am biased toward my own flooring system. But for a good reason.

That doesn’t mean that I want you to blindly follow my advice. I always encourage my customers to do their own research and compare options.

That being said…

We here at Everlast® Epoxy firmly believe that we have the right solution for your needs. We can confidently say this because many of our past clients have been commercial shower facilities, swimming pools, and gyms.

However, we understand you have many questions before making your decision. Why not give us a call and talk to one of our friendly floor experts today?

“Are you searching for a flooring solution for your facility? Give us a call and have one of our floor experts recommend what options are available for you and your budget.

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