Everlast Floor Knocks Out All-Comers With a Hammer Test

Everlast® Epoxy takes on all-comers

Do you want commercial flooring that can stay in good-as-new condition for a lifetime?

Maybe a hammer test will help to show you why Everlast® Floor could be your only option:

Why we believe Everlast® Floor is the best commercial flooring:

Everlast Floor is the only commercial floor that can stay in good-as-new condition for a lifetime.

Which is one reason why it’s such great value for money.

But what is Everlast Floor?

It’s a seamless, marble-chip and quartz poured epoxy flooring for kitchens, healthcare, public restrooms, pet care – such as boarding kennels – and more.

But please don’t confuse it with epoxy paint, which is usually dry, brittle and prone to cracking – like peanut brittle.


Attractive Everlast Epoxy Flooring is almost 10 times thicker and lasts for many years longer.

Commercial floors of all kinds take some serious abuse. But look how well Everlast Floor holds up.

Everlast Floor is also the only one that can be installed straight over many types of existing flooring including concrete, wood, VCT – and even tiling.

It’s easy to install – you can trowel it on in one application – and you don’t need to go to the trouble and expense of tearing out your old floor.

So how do you fancy saving yourself the hassle and colossal costs of changing your floor every few years?

Everlast Floor uses an EPA-registered anti-microbial component.

That means it gives you long-term protection from a broad range of bacteria, fungi, yeast, actinomycetes and mildew.

All of which explains why Everlast takes on and knocks out all-comers.

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