Everlast Epoxy Floor – A Public Restroom Superhero

Public bathrooms. The very thought makes you shudder.

You think: grimy sinks, stained tiles, rusty hand-dryers. And a smell to wake the dead. Is there any way to keep your company bathroom looking fresh and smelling clean, without paying an arm and a leg for it?

The key to maintaining any public restroom is quick, efficient cleanup. In an enclosed space subject to leaks and accidents, improper flooring is a recipe for disaster.
Tiny cracks in tile flooring may harbor mold and fungus, which flourish under the humid conditions a public bathroom harbors. The seams between tile flooring are notoriously difficult to clean, leading to nasty buildup that is unpleasant to look at – and unsafe! To top it off, all this creates an evil musty odor which doesn’t do your bathroom- or your business- any favors. In these conditions customers could be seriously turned off, or even get sick; risks you just can’t afford.  So what’s the solution?

You want a bathroom floor that’s affordable, hygienic, and attractive. Everlast Epoxy Flooring is just what you’re looking for. Available in a wide array of colors, Everlast Epoxy Flooring is a marble-chip and resin formula which adheres to most any pre-existing surface and molds seamlessly around drains, pipes, and protrusions. The resin creates an impermeable waterproof barrier between the substrate and the worst bathroom nightmares. Since it’s 100% non-porous, you’ll never have to worry about mold or mildew again, or the evil odors that go with it. What makes the Everlast Epoxy Floor so special is the easy-peasy cleanup; all you need is soap and water. Germs are wiped away in the blink of an eye. For added protection, the Everlast Epoxy Floor formula is made with an anti-microbial additive that’s FDA- approved and environmentally friendly.

“I’d never use anything else for my restaurant bathroom,” says Andrew, a past customer. “The difference was obvious. No smell, no cracks, no crusties. My customers noticed, no doubt about it.”

Unlike ordinary bathroom tile, which is prone to crack or loosen, the Everlast Epoxy Floor is tough as nails. With the proper care you’ll never have to replace it. It’s there for life. It can handle the bumps of high traffic, as well as leaks and unsavory spillage. Your cleaning staff will thank you- and so will your pocket.

The Everlast Epoxy Floor can even be used in public showers. It’s non-porous formula makes it waterproof and fungus-resistant. Water wicks away easily, since it can’t seep into the resin. This alone makes it more hygienic than any other flooring alternatives. Customers can rinse off in peace, leaving a fresh space for the next visitor.

Interested in a bathroom that smells fresh, looks good, and cleans up fast? The Epoxy Everlast Epoxy Floor is the perfect fit. Ready for heavy action only 24 hours after installation, you simply can’t go wrong. Call 1-800-708-9870 for more information or visit our website – https://www.everlastepoxy.com/public-restroom-flooring

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Everlast Floor®: Environmentally Friendly