Everlast Epoxy comes to the rescue in kennel room revamp

We’re a team of animal lovers here at Everlast Epoxy, and we always enjoy flooring projects that involve improving the care outcomes of the nation’s furry friends.

Recently, we were contacted by Josh Lucas, the Practice Manager at Michigan-based Compassionate  Care (CVC), who was looking for a cost-effective solution for a brand new kennel room floor to enable them to continue providing high-quality veterinary care to their many customers.

The Problem:

The CVC kennel room is an important area of the facility. It’s the place where dogs await and recover from surgery, and needs to provide a safe, durable and sanitary space for every patient.

Josh knew that certain flooring materials were not suited to the requirements of a busy veterinary center and was looking for an option that would meet the practice’s needs - as well as a surface that was easy to install as Josh was keen to undertake the project himself.

“Finding a floor that would remain waterproof for years to come, was our key requirement,” Josh said. “Sick animals may have ‘little accidents’ and the ability to clean up any liquids quickly and hygienically from the new kennel room surface was a top priority.”

Josh had considered other options, including tiles and a non-aggregate resin floor, but felt neither would be as simple - or as fast - to install himself, and got in touch with us to see if we could offer a flooring solution that would tick all the boxes.

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The Solution:

Our Everlast Epoxy flooring is designed to stand up to the heaviest of four-legged foot traffic and is totally seamless. It provided an unbroken kennel room floor that is both chemical-resistant and can stand up to animal waste as well as strong detergents and disinfectants.

Our product also contains an EPA-registered antimicrobial formula that penetrates from surface to substrate to inhibit the growth of microorganisms and protect the kennel room flooring from a wide range of bacteria.

While we offer a full installation service, many of our clients use our comprehensive guide to self-installation to successfully install their epoxy resin floor.

Josh has previous experience laying floors and wanted to undertake the installation himself. Everlast flooring is a pourable and trowelable product, which with a little knowledge, is easy to install and requires no special equipment or tools.

The Everlast Customer Service Team was on hand to offer Josh support for the installation duration: “I was impressed with the support I received. The directions and application tips were good, and customer service representatives were fantastic, and very available and helpful when I needed a little guidance”.

Josh concludes: “While the installation challenged me, with the support of the Customer Service Team, I completed the floor and could not see any low spots, high spots or creases in the finished surface. If I were to undertake a similar project I would definitely use Everlast Epoxy”.

Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

About Compassionate Veterinary Care

Compassionate Veterinary Care is based in West Branch, MI and prides itself on its high- standards of veterinary care and customer service.  

CVC is owned and managed by Josh and Charlotte Lucas and their dedicated and compassionate team, who have created a stress-free environment for both the pet and their owners.

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