Everlast Chemical Resistant Flooring Won This Battle

Everlast® Epoxy Chemical Resistant Flooring Defeats Chemicals, Champions Science

Why choose a chemical resistant flooring? Well, they say that the best offense is a good defense. And Sun Tzu said the best war to enter into is one which you’re prepared to win. When it comes to protecting your laboratory from harsh chemicals, both of these statements ring very true.

It’s a fact that caustic materials wage constant war against your laboratory floors. Whether it’s the occasional big spill, or just random tiny droplets that get strewn about each day as a matter of routine, these chemicals conspire in an aggressive attempt to not just eat away at the surface of your floors, but to corrode what lies beneath them.

Make no mistake, mopping is no match for these little beasts; all it takes is a tiny little seam, crack, pit, or other small opening for them to infiltrate your floors and wreak havoc on your lab’s infrastructure.

The owners of the laboratory pictured above at high zoom were very familiar with the damaging properties of the chemicals they used on a daily basis. Their concerns didn’t simply involve surface damage; the large number of pipes, drains, and conduits connected to the floors provided many pathways to any number of chemicals, all of which would start a domino chain of harsh deterioration as soon as they were able to slip through the cracks.

Fortunately, this lab was run by smart men and women of science with strong minds and a solid grounding in chemistry. They understood the value of having a defensive, chemical resistant epoxy floor in place, to wage war on stray abrasive chemicals, so they could concentrate on doing what they do best, without having to worry about the entire building corroding around them.

These scientists chose Everlast Floor. To them, it wasn’t just an easy decision; it was also the obvious solution.

Everlast chemical resistant flooring is made with a compound so tightly bonded together, that even the most harmful corrosion agents can’t break through. No matter how small or determined they are to get inside, these chemicals—even after they’re spilled—remain trapped on the floor’s surface, where they can be safely cleaned away with absolutely no concerns.

And unlike other flooring options, Everlast chemical resistant flooring doesn’t just keep chemicals out, it also remains strong and durable, even in the face of the nastiest spills. That means you won’t see any signs of deterioration, pitting, cratering, swelling, or erosion, even in the case of complete saturation!

(Everlast Floor has been extensively tested against a laundry list of harsh chemicals. Click here to see the full list now.)

All told, when your lab is armed with Everlast chemical resistant flooring the battle against deterioration and harsh chemicals is one that is easily won in the name of science. Even Sun Tzu would surely be proud.

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