Epoxy flooring for pet parlors

We are a nation of animal lovers, with over 48 million homes in the United States owning a dog as a pet and 31 million choosing a cat.*

To keep the nation’s furry companions healthy and groomed, pet parlors are big business—and pet owners want to be certain that they are sending their animals to a safe and sanitary facility for worry-free pampering.

The environment of a pet parlor is key to making the animal (and its owner) feel relaxed in its surroundings. Read on to discover the advantages of installing hard-wearing epoxy flooring in pet parlors.

Durability to withstand claws and paws

Grooming parlor owners know the damage that dogs and cats can inadvertently cause to their floors. Scratches and tears are common in any flooring system that is not robust enough to stand up to “claws and paws” foot traffic.

Everlast® Epoxy flooring for pet parlors provides an alternative to tiles or rubberized flooring, with a resin-rich formula that vulcanizes with the substrate to form a bond that will not peel, split, or crack—no matter how heavy the four-legged foot traffic may be.

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A healthy floor for pets

A successful grooming parlor needs to provide a clean and inviting environment for pets and their owners, and a hygienic pet salon starts from the ground up.

Our epoxy floors are chemical resistant and able to withstand deep cleaning and sanitizers, which is reassuring given the possibility of your clients having a little accident while in the salon.

Pet owners want to be reassured that their pampered pet is in a safe place, and grooming parlors who invest in our epoxy floors will benefit from an EPA-registered antimicrobial additive that penetrates every layer of the floor, impeding the spread of microorganisms, such as germs, bacteria, mildew, and fungi.

A nonslip surface that is kind to paws

Many flooring solutions are not designed for animals, what with slippery surfaces that provide no grip—and no one wants a pet in their care to end up with an injury from skidding on an unsuitable floor.

Our epoxy flooring for pet parlors is formulated using small, textured marble stones to give grip and stability to paws, even if the floor is wet. Not only does this allow animals to move safely around the building, it means their owners and your staff are also less likely to suffer a trip or fall too.

A smooth, seamless, and odorless floor

The seamless nature of our resin floors means that pet urine and dirty washing water or other liquids will not seep into the substrate and cause damage.  

Any mess can simply be wiped from the surface with minimal fuss or effort. The nonporous surface of our floors means nothing will soak into the layers and cause nasty odors, keeping your facilities smelling fresh and welcoming.

Keeping floors clean is easy

Cleaning the floors at the end of a busy day is an arduous task, but with an Everlast® Epoxy floor, you’ll find your cleaning routine will take less time and still produce amazing results.

Unlike concrete floors that need regular polishing and buffing, epoxy floors require much less TLC. Simply use our Everlast® Epoxy cleaning system and splash it over the floor, before rinsing with hot water and a squeegee. Fast, effective, and hygienic cleaning without fuss.

A welcoming environment for pets

Pet parlors should be a place of calm and enjoyment that cats and dogs—and their owners—can enjoy. Everlast® Epoxy flooring is available in a range of color options, so you can choose from over 50 shades to match your branding.

Our skilled installers can also offer an endless variety of designs and logos that can be incorporated into the flooring to provide a warm welcome to visitors of your facility.

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Our flexible flooring provides a gentle surface for pets to walk on—and we believe that if cats and dogs could talk, they’d tell us that Everlast® Epoxy would be their number one flooring choice!

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Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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