Epoxy flooring for high-traffic pedestrian areas

Durability is a critical factor to consider when exploring the many flooring options available for high-traffic areas in facilities across the United States.

Any area that will be subjected to pedestrian activity needs a flooring system that is durable and hard-wearing enough to handle the foot traffic. But, with so many flooring options available, deciding which is the best floor for your facility can seem a little daunting.

Areas that need to cope with high foot traffic—be it in an educational, recreational, industrial, or medical setting—need to be functional, durable, good-looking, and, above all, safe.

Resin flooring is often used in heavy-traffic areas and consistently outperforms other materials. Read on to discover why using epoxy flooring for high-traffic pedestrian areas is a smart choice in any setting.

Keep flooring in public spaces safe

Flooring takes a beating—especially in corridors, lobbies, and waiting rooms, where people are constantly on the move. This makes wear resistance a key priority.

Many flooring options are simply not up to the job of coping with high foot traffic, so after just a short time, wear paths begin to form. Daily foot traffic eats away at the surface of the floor, stripping it of its protective coating, which not only looks unsightly but causes a whole host of issues that aren’t immediately visible too.

Aside from the aesthetic impact, a worn floor will quickly become unsanitary, as the cracks and chips attract debris, dirt, and bacteria. This is a big issue for high-traffic environments where hygiene is paramount, such as medical centers or emergency rooms.

Such facilities need to ensure that their flooring is wear-resistant and sanitary, which is why Everlast® Epoxy resin floors are used in thousands of hospitals across the country. Our flooring system is pourable and seamless with an EPA-registered antimicrobial compound integrated throughout every layer for hygienic floor protection against a range of bacteria, germs, mold, and fungi.

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High-performance flooring—even in wet conditions

The busiest areas of a building are often the entrances, where staff, visitors, and customers flow in and out every day. On days when the weather is less than ideal, people are also likely to track in rain and mud, which makes surfaces especially hazardous.

To avoid the risk of skids and falls, it’s important that any high foot traffic areas exposed to wet conditions have a safe slip-resistant surface.

Everlast® Epoxy floors are constructed to have a slightly textured finish, providing a coarse, ribbed, yet not abrasive surface that provides excellent slip and trip protection, even when the surface is wet.

How long do your high-traffic floors need to last?

We’re sure you’ll answer “as long as possible!”

Investing in a flooring system is a big decision. Most solutions start off looking great, but after only a few months of heavy usage, they can begin to look worn and tired. 

The secret to a long-lasting epoxy floor is choosing a supplier who uses the correct ratios of high-quality resin and aggregate that are trowled on in a thick layer to form a vulcanized bond with the substrate.

We are so confident that our epoxy floors can easily withstand high volumes of foot traffic that we offer a 20-year limited warranty, reassuring our customers that our floors will not show signs of excessive wear and tear for at least two decades.

Safe epoxy flooring for high-traffic pedestrian areas

Our epoxy systems are incredibly durable, sanitary, and available in a massive choice of colors and designs, making them a great choice for busy public buildings where foot traffic is consistently high.

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Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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