Epoxy Flooring Contractor Offers Interior Design Advice to a Friend

Dr. Malcom’s epoxy flooring contractor is now his new best friend.

If there was one fact of life that Dr. Malcolm accepted without hesitation, it was this:

Pets (and all animals, really) are messy beings.

He’d learned so at a young age, helping his parents corral their suburban zoo of cats, dogs, and rodents of various sizes and species in an attempt to bring order to their natural chaos. It didn’t always work, of course; some of his furry friends even seemed to delight in the stains and smells they left behind. It was as if each one was a point of pride for them. There was also the matter of their countless bursts of destruction wherein they sunk their teeth and their claws into walls, floors, furniture, and his Mom’s curtains.

Still, he couldn’t deny how much they’d brightened his life. When it came time for him to set a career goal for himself, he knew there was only one thing that suited both his character and his talents: veterinary medicine. Holding no pretenses about how well-behaved even the sweetest creature is capable of being in the presence of the mean, scary vet, he set about designing his own small private practice with one vision in mind: to build a place impervious to the sometimes destructive whims of house pets.

He wanted his office to be a homey sort of place, clean and comfortable, and relaxed wherever possible. He wanted to laugh at the cats attempting to sharpen their claws on his walls, to smile at the dogs that just couldn’t hold it in, and to feel confident that he was working in a clean, healthy environment.

He is glad that his epoxy flooring contractor told him about Everlast® Epoxy.  It made a pleasant working environment in the back so he is now excited that his epoxy flooring contractor can install Everlast Epoxy Floor over the top of his outdated tile in the reception room.

You too can have a healthy, durable and attractive floor in your clinic. Contact Everlast Epoxy to find an epoxy flooring contractor near you.

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