Ensure a lifetime of resilience with Everlast’s flooring warranties and care plan

You’ve invested in a new flooring surface for your business and want to ensure it will give you years of hard-wearing surface.

But how can you be sure that your floor will stand the test of time? After all, commercial floors take a lot of abuse from foot traffic, spills, and heavy machinery and vehicles.

When specifying a flooring solution, it’s important to consider the different flooring warranties offered by suppliers to ensure you benefit from the after-sales care your business deserves.

Read on to discover how you can ensure a lifetime of resilience with Everlast® Epoxy warranties and Everlast® Care Plan.

Quality you can rely on

We’ve seen hundreds of floors that have failed within the first few years of installation. Cratering, bubbling, and pitting are unfortunately all too common with inferior resin floors, and typically the damage happens right after the warranty has expired, leaving organizations with a hefty repair or replacement bill.

At Everlast®, we like to do things differently. 

For starters, we only use the highest quality resins and the correct ratio of aggregates, to ensure our floors are designed not to fail. The secret to our long-lasting floors lies in our tough, flexible, seamless system which we install to a depth of 160mm, unlike many of our competitors who only provide a 60mm thin layer.

Our flooring also has epoxy dispersed throughout the product, not just a top layer which won’t stand up to heavy traffic, extreme temperatures or chemical exposure in the long term.

The unique, custom-formulated system creates a bond with the substrate which is so tight that liquids and corrosive materials cannot seep through the layers and cause deterioration.

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We offer our warranty with confidence

With a product designed to last for many years, we are so confident in our flooring that we offer a twenty-year limited lifetime warranty as standard.

This means we warrant your Everlast® floor will provide a waterproof barrier, and be free from excessive surface wear and delamination for two decades from the date of installation.

Taking care of your floors for life

Our customers demand the peace of mind that their floor is up to the job – and we’ve developed a unique way to give our customers total confidence in our flooring with our Lifetime Warranty Membership and Everlast® Floor Care Maintenance Plan.

Enrolling in our care plan also means you’ll get access to our Everlast® cleaning system, which makes caring for your floors fast and easy. 

Regular shipments of Everlast® Floor Care Cleaner Concentrate

We don’t want cleaning your floors to be a back-breaking chore. With our maintenance plan, you’ll receive regular deliveries of our floor cleaner.  It has a powerful micelle-cleaning action that removes fats, oils, dirt, and bacteria easily.

After working its magic, the solution can be rinsed away with water, leaving clean, sanitary floors – without the need for scrubbing or buffing.

Twice yearly professional cleaning, maintenance, & inspection

Our maintenance plan members benefit from our professional cleaning, maintenance, and inspection service, giving you the confidence that our flooring professionals are keeping an eye on your floors to ensure they remain in tip-top condition without any damage or degradation.

Big discounts on our range of automated scrubbers

To help you keep your floors clean – and costs low – we also offer big discounts on our range of floor cleaning machines. 

Making life easy for our customers is something we take seriously. We know that cleaning your floors is not high on your list of ‘enjoyable jobs to do’, so our floor cleaners are designed to take away the hard work while providing a thorough, hygienic clean.

Ready to explore Everlast® flooring warranties with our team?

If you’d like to discover more about our complete care and maintenance programme, call our friendly flooring experts at (800) 708 9870, or contact us online.

Our team will answer all your questions regarding our flooring warranties, and advise on the best epoxy flooring solution for your business to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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