Employee Break Room Cleanliness & Maintenance

The Importance of Cleaning Employee Ovens & Fridges

Once your team has been assembled, you are free to begin tackling the most important parts of getting your facility into shape. A key area needs to be dealt with first: employee break room cleanliness and maintenance, namely, how to keep your fridges and ovens clean in employee areas. It is more important than you think!

What do ovens and fridges have in common?

That’s right, they are both exposed to food items every day! And because of this, they shoot to the very top of the list when it comes to reducing health and safety concerns and keeping things genuinely hygienic for your employees when they take a break from work.

Before you lift another finger doing anything else in your facility, it is time to take a realistic look at your ovens and fridges. Both of these are major kitchen appliances that your staff is coming into contact with daily. Beyond that, any food served there is coming straight from these areas—so you cannot claim to care about hygiene if these are not focus areas.

The big question is why the oven and fridge are two of the most important areas for employee hygiene in your company. There are many reasons, and I am going to outline them here.

Regular cleaning or lack thereof exposes your staff to harmful chemicals or bacteria that may be lurking in the nooks and crannies unseen. Any food prepared or served from one of these appliances could impact the health of your employees.

  •        Odors and Food Quality: A buildup of grease, burnt food, and grime in an oven can cause an unpleasant odor in your break room, not to mention increasing the cancer risk for your employees. Black mold found in fridges can also cause illness in your client base. Making sure that these are clean results in better quality food all around as smells, grease leeching, and spills do not get reabsorbed into new food orders.

If an employee has snapped some shots of the ovens and fridges in your break room and put them online, you will be in trouble. It would be a good idea to put a sign on the fridge that says “Please keep clean. Your Mama doesn’t work here”. Make sure this never happens to you by keeping these areas spotless all the time.

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