Durable, sanitary epoxy flooring for hotels

Give your hotel guests a 5-star flooring experience

As a hotel owner, you invest heavily in decor, furnishings, and design to create a space that makes your establishment stand out from the crowd.

To give your guests a memorable, five-star experience from the moment they set foot in the building, it’s important to consider your flooring solution. Nothing ages communal areas, foyers, and guest restrooms like a dirty, threadbare carpet or cracked, grimy tiles. If you are dealing with any of these flooring issues, there is a solution—and that is Everlast® Epoxy flooring for hotels.

Durable flooring that always looks good

The flooring in a hotel reception area has to withstand some tough treatment. Constant foot traffic and luggage transportation across the foyer all leave their mark on an inferior flooring system.

Everlast® Epoxy flooring for hotels is different. It’s a troweled-on system that forms a physical bond between the material and the surface, with a protective coating that resists wear and tear, leaving your hotel floor looking as good as new for years to come.

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Slip-resistant for guest safety

Guest safety is the top priority for any responsible hotel owner. Our flooring is constructed using marble chips, which adds texture to the surface and creates a slip-resistant finish that minimizes the risk of falls—and also the risk of costly lawsuits and damage to your hard-earned reputation.

Easy to clean and maintain

Keeping hotel floors clean has proven to be time-consuming and hard work. Tiles need scrubbing and frequent buffing to keep them shiny, whereas carpets absorb spills and grime, which leaves unsightly stains.

Hotel owners who choose epoxy flooring will discover that cleaning is a breeze! The nonporous surface means spills, tracked-in mud, or dropped food can be quickly wiped away and won’t sink into the surface to enable germs and cause bad odors.

Our Everlast® Cleaning System has micelle cleaning power to repel liquids, fats, and oils, which can then be rinsed away, leaving the floor clean, sanitary, and ready to impress your guests.

A hygienic flooring solution

In a world in which the global pandemic has made us all more conscious of the importance of hygiene, Everlast® Epoxy provides a sanitary surface that helps to protect your hotel floor from bacteria. It contains an integral EPA-registered antimicrobial formula to impede the spread of microorganisms, guarding against germs, fungi, and mildew.

The antimicrobial component also repels the bacteria that causes bad odors—and because epoxy flooring is seamless, there are no joins or cracks in which germs can hide either.

Give your guest bathrooms the VIP treatment

In an online world, it is easy for potential guests to check out hotel reviews before deciding where to stay. One area where hotels are consistently marked down on review websites is the guest bathrooms. 

Give yourself the best chance of a five-star review by making the guest bathrooms a great place to be. Epoxy flooring eliminates the issue of moisture penetration and can be troweled on the walls of shower enclosures and across the floor for a seamless, waterproof finish.  

It’s also a sanitary flooring choice for a bathroom, as it’s resistant to harsh detergents and chemicals, so water spills and urine can be hygienically cleaned away.

Fast, easy installation 

Hotels rely on high occupancy rates, and closures caused by failed floors can be damaging to the business—especially if the flooring fails during the peak season.

Everlast® Epoxy makes replacing a failed floor a fast and easy process. Our Everlast® Overnight Floor is a fast-curing system that is ready for foot traffic in just 6 hours. A glaze coat is then applied, and after another 6 hours, you can be back in business.

A memorable experience to match your brand

The right flooring goes a long way to creating a safe and memorable experience for guests. Our epoxy flooring is as beautiful as it is functional, with a choice of over fifty colors available. 

To make a real statement in your hotel foyer, our expert installers can incorporate designs or logos into the flooring to showcase your brand to your guests as soon as they enter your establishment.

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Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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