Durable, long-lasting epoxy flooring for public restrooms

Give your public restroom a makeover from the floor up

Public restrooms are one of the most regularly used spaces in every facility—from restaurants to schools to shopping malls. If the restroom facilities of your establishment are not maintained at a high standard, you could damage the reputation of your business—after all, no one likes to visit an unsanitary bathroom.

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Choose durable epoxy flooring for public restrooms and repel bacteria

The flooring of public bathrooms needs to be incredibly hard wearing. Over the course of a busy day, the floor has to withstand heavy foot traffic and spills of water or bodily fluids, such as urine, as well as cope with strong detergent-based cleaning products.  

As we move out of the COVID-19 quarantine restrictions and businesses begin to reopen, there has been an increased focus on providing a safe and hygienic environment for customers and visitors to your restroom facilities.

A durable epoxy flooring system for your public restroom provides sanitization from the floor-level upward. Everlast® Epoxy flooring includes an EPA-registered antimicrobial ingredient that is dispersed through each layer of the floor. It’s unique properties offer increased protection against bacteria, mildew, fungi, and yeast to protect your floors from germs and repel nasty odors, keeping your restroom fresh and sanitized.

Restroom flooring that’s easy to maintain and keep clean

With such high numbers of people using your restroom facilities, there must be a frequent cleaning rota in place—and even more so in our post–COVID-19 society. Epoxy flooring provides a seamless finish, which means that, unlike tiled floors, it has no joins or gaps that could harbor bacteria or debris.  

By installing epoxy flooring in restrooms open to the public, you can be assured of a nonporous surface that repels fluids, preventing them from penetrating the flooring. The nonabsorbent nature of epoxy flooring means there is no need for time-consuming and back-breaking scrubbing or buffing to ensure a clean floor.

Our Everlast® Epoxy cleaning system is designed for use with simply a squeegee and water, and it leaves the floor fully sanitized, odor-free, and fresh enough to impress all users of your facilities.

Slip-resistant and safe for all visitors

Tiled or ceramic public restroom floors can become very slippery in damp conditions, and every business owner aims to keep customers out of their accident book and avoid potentially costly lawsuits.

Everlast® Epoxy flooring has a textured finish that creates grip and provides a safer restroom area to minimize the risk of slips and falls. The addition of fine grit to the final glaze coating gives the flooring increased slip-resistance, making it the safest choice for public restrooms.  

The anti-slip properties of our epoxy flooring system makes your restroom more inclusive and accessible for all customers, including wheelchair users who require skid-resistant flooring in bathroom facilities.

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Get your restroom right and your visitors will love you

Your restroom is one area of your business that is guaranteed to be used by the majority of your visitors, so if you fail to provide a hygienic and sanitary experience for users of your bathroom facilities, it could damage your reputation.  

We often see negative online reviews about the restroom areas in coffee shops, eateries, and other public places; after all, if a business cannot keep its bathroom clean, what else is going on behind the scenes?

In today’s modern world, customers often take the time to read reviews before they visit an establishment—a dirty, unhygienic restroom area repeatedly mentioned can easily deter potential customers from frequenting your business. 

Give your customers the great bathroom experience they deserve with Everlast® Epoxy flooring for public restrooms.

Aesthetically pleasing public restroom flooring solutions

The appearance of your public restroom tells a lot about your business. A well-maintained and attractive restroom instills confidence in your customers that the rest of your facility is maintained to a high standard.

Everlast® Epoxy’s range of epoxy flooring for public restrooms is available in a choice of over 40 colors, from natural grey and beige to vibrant Atlantic Blue or a bright Cherokee Red. 

Our expert team of flooring installers can also add your logo or any other design to the flooring for a truly customized restroom experience that complements the aesthetics of the rest of your establishment.

Epoxy flooring for public restrooms

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If you are looking to replace restroom tiles that harbor dirt and debris or you want to cover up a concrete floor with a durable alternative that doesn’t crack, is slip-resistant, and easy to install, then choose Everlast® Epoxy.  

In a world where hygiene is more important than ever, choose durable epoxy flooring for your public restroom, designed to help you, your staff, and your customers stay safe.

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