Dog’s Life: Vet’s Offices, Safety & Hygiene

If you run a vet’s office, you know your floors take a beating. Between the constant foot traffic—four-legged and two-legged—and the odors, stains and, yes, a patient’s occasional accident, vet floors see it all daily. And if they can’t stand up to the challenge, then you’re going to be cleaning and, even, replacing your floors A LOT.

Who wants that?

But it’s not just the heavy duty use that’s problematic. Vets offices need floors that are safe and hygienic, too—so all that sturdiness plus floors that keep germs, bacteria, mold and other grows at bay while staying even, smooth and slip-free. It’s a tall order for any floor.

So where does Everlast® Epoxy come in? It’s simple. We love animals and we love our vet customers. And that’s why our floors are designed with vets offices in mind.

They’re DURABLE 

Everlast® Epoxy leverages a resin-rich formula that enables flooring to seep into the wood substrate or concrete while curing. The end result? Epoxy flooring becoming part of the sub-floor and keeps it from peeling open or cracking like floor paints or quartz broadcast floors. This process also makes Everlast floor strong but completely flexible, with just the right amount of give to last and last.

They Get—and Stay—CLEAN

Chances are you or your cleaning crew have spent countless hours scrubbing your floors—and, chances are, they still don’t look clean.  Everlast® Epoxy floors are stain-resistant. And when you do need to clean them? Learn more about our cleaning and disinfecting guidelines here. Because Everlast floors have a non-porous surface, dirt, grime and bacteria stays where it belongs: OUT.

They’re Good for PETS

Not only can Everlast® Epoxy flooring stand up to pet urine and other accidents, but they’re made with a powerful EPA-registered anti-microbial additive that restricts microorganism growth. Without these growths, you’ll have less bacterial degradation and less odors.

Want to learn more? Click here for more about Everlast® Epoxy for vets offices, kennels and other pet-friendly facilities.

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