Discover the advantages of fast-cure epoxy flooring

Coordinating the refurbishment of an organization is a mammoth task for facility managers. The process involves working within rigid time constraints to minimize downtime.

More facility managers are discovering the advantages of fast-cure epoxy flooring when updating their premises or replacing a failed floor. The rapid-dry flooring system is ready to receive foot traffic after just six hours—a fast turnaround that allows the remainder of the refurbishment process to continue ahead of schedule.

Everlast® Overnight Floor is a variation of Everlast® Epoxy flooring that uses a unique epoxy resin formula and is designed to cure faster. Here are some of the key advantages of fast-cure epoxy flooring across a variety of industries:

Correctional facilities & secure units

Many prison facilities are overcrowded, which can pose a security issue if inmates need to be moved while the cell floors are replaced. 

A fast-drying epoxy floor can help eliminate these issues as living quarters can be refloored and ready for the inmates in just a few hours. And, because the unique properties of Everlast® Epoxy flooring make it virtually odorless, the inhabitants will not be impacted by fumes.

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Industrial and manufacturing sectors

Many warehouses and factories operate 24/7, so prolonged downtime can quickly impact the productivity of the business.  

A fast-drying resin floor will be ready for traffic within six hours of installation and can handle all the rigors that a busy warehouse can throw at it. All Everlast® Epoxy floor systems are highly durable and are designed to last for decades—giving long-term value and maximum uptime for businesses.

Surgery rooms and medical facilities

Keeping patients waiting for operations while surgery rooms are maintained can compromise a person’s health. A quick and hygienic flooring solution is vital for maintaining a sanitary environment that serves patients around the clock.

We’ve installed our fast-cure epoxy resin floors in wards, operating theaters, and emergency rooms to ensure the facilities can be reopened within hours, not days.

Just like our regular epoxy flooring, the fast-drying version includes an integral EPA-registered antimicrobial component that impedes the growth of microorganisms, protecting the flooring against bacteria. The seamless design of epoxy floors means there is nowhere for germs to hide—crucial in an environment in which vulnerable patients are being treated.

Commercial kitchens and restaurants

As the hospitality industry reopens after the coronavirus closures, it’s vital to welcome back customers as quickly and safely as possible. Fast-cure epoxy resin will allow restaurants and commercial kitchens to install a flooring system overnight so they can reopen the very next day.

Everlast® Overnight Floor also contains an antislip additive, which makes the flooring a safer choice in commercial kitchens where there is a risk of water or cooking oil spillages.

The front-of-house area can also benefit from the ease of maintaining an epoxy floor. It doesn’t require mopping, scrubbing, or buffing, which means staff can simply squeegee clean with our Everlast® cleaning system at the end of a busy shift.

How fast-cure overnight epoxy flooring works

Everlast® Overnight Floor is a one-step epoxy resin system that will be ready for foot traffic in just six hours. After the epoxy has been laid, a glaze coat is applied to the floor, which is ready in another six hours. 

For a faster turnaround, the unglazed floor can be used all day with no repercussions or degradation in quality. The following night, the floor can be cleaned, dried, and glazed, ready for business the next day.

A word of warning… in your search for the perfect flooring option, you may see some companies claim they have resin floors that can cure in two hours, but this is not enough time for resins to form a bond. They may be fast, but often the epoxies used are prone to peeling a short time later.

Everlast® Overnight Floor shares the same color selections as our regular Everlast® Epoxy Floor; however, the fast-cure resin is darker so it is worth noting that the final shade will be deeper.

Choose Everlast® Epoxy for a fast-drying flooring system

For warehouses, commercial kitchens, and medical facilities, fast-cure epoxy is a durable, hygienic, and easy-to-clean flooring solution. The slip-resistant surface will stand the test of time and still look great—without any fuss or heavy maintenance.

If your facility cannot afford downtime, Everlast® Epoxy flooring is a cost-effective and hard-wearing choice. Visit our website or contact us today for free samples and a no-obligation quote.

Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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