Dealing With a Leaky Floor – The Easy Way

How to save yourself time, effort and money replacing your leaky floor

A leaky floor is a world of pain because you’re:

  • Patching things up as you go along without ever solving the problem
  • Wasting your precious time and cash
  • Worrying about the hassle of repairing damage to the ceiling underneath

But as soon as you decide to replace the floor the pain stops. Doesn’t it?

Let’s think about how this might work.

First of all you need to get rid of the old flooring.

So you might have to tear out the tile. This takes time, effort and money. It’s a dirty job in anyone’s book.

Next, grind that floor down. Depending on the floor you’re going to put down, you might have to hire expensive shot-blasters.

More hard work, more trouble, more cash.

Then you’re going to have to work with NobleSeal or Dal-Seal membrane.

Tricky. And expensive.

Finally, you’ll have to install new tile on top if it all…

… while fighting the fold behind the cove…

… and trying not to tear the membrane.

But when you eventually finish – what a relief!

Except, with most flooring, it’s only a matter of time before the floor starts leaking again.

You’ll probably have to go through this whole painful process again in a few years.

Your pain continues.

  1. Forget about getting rid of all the old floor – no need.
  2. Remove about a foot of it around each drain
  3. Trowel Everlast® Floor over the floor and cove base
  4. Job done.

Good-looking Everlast® Floor is a seamless, marble-chip and quartz poured epoxy flooring.

It’s waterproof and moisture resistant.

So it’s a floor and a waterproofing membrane all in one.

You can even use it as an all-in-one membrane shower coating…

… so you can resurface showers by trowelling it directly onto old floors and walls in one seamless coating.

(It can be installed straight over most existing flooring.)

And if you look after Everlast® Floor – by following our simple instructions – it can stay in good-as-new condition for a lifetime.

Say goodbye to your world of pain.

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… or click the button at the Everlast Epoxy website.

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