Choose the right epoxy flooring contractor

There are many epoxy flooring contractors across the United States, all of which claim to be specialists in the installation of resin floors for the commercial, industrial, and retail sectors.

And we have to admit: there are some very professional flooring companies across the country, which makes it all the harder to choose one to trust with your epoxy flooring installation.

If you are in the process of engaging with a trusted company to replace a failed floor or install a new resin system over an existing substrate, read on the discover more about the Everlast® Epoxy ethos and how we built our company to become one of the best epoxy flooring contractors in the United States.

Where it all began

Our founder, David Linton, has a proven history in the flooring industry, earning his chops as an owner of a retail flooring store and a commercial floor contracting business.

Many of the projects David and his team worked on involved ripping out failed quarry tiled floors—only to replace them with more quarry tiles. It seemed like a vicious circle as the tiles often failed again just two or three years later.  

It was clear to David that something had to be done; flooring should last for decades. At the time, there were no viable solutions on the market, so Everlast® Epoxy was conceived, primarily to create a better flooring solution for commercial kitchens and restaurants.

Developing a formula that would provide restaurant owners and commercial kitchen managers with the long-lasting and durable flooring solutions they demanded was a collaborative project. It involved touring many kitchens and restaurants and forming partnerships with a team of scientists to create a resin-rich formula that would give businesses a high-performance flooring system. 

We discovered that many epoxy flooring companies skimped on the amount of resin used, supplementing it instead with bulky aggregate to save money—but these inferior epoxy floors couldn’t withstand constant commercial use.

The Everlast® Epoxy team has always used only the highest-quality resins and the correct mix of aggregate. Our formula even includes an ingredient used in the manufacture of F-16 planes—and things do not get much tougher than a fighter jet!

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Then the word got out…

Restaurant owners were so delighted with their new durable floors, which were also hygienic and safe, that they told their business associates in other sectors. 

So, we developed a range of hard-wearing floor solutions for industrial, commercial, and retail settings to meet the needs of our expanding audience. From these beginnings, we’ve grown to become one of the most trusted epoxy flooring contractors in the country.

Our ethos remains the same

Even though we are continually growing our business and constantly developing new flooring techniques, our company ethos remains the same.

We will never compromise on the quality of our product for profit. Every team member—from the boardroom to our talented installers—shares a dedication to providing each and every customer with the most durable, sanitary, and safe flooring for commercial facilities.

Our customer testimonials speak for themselves

We know that hearing from satisfied customers provides the best insight into what you can expect from our team. We’ve gathered together video testimonials from our customers so you can see for yourself whether and how we have exceeded their expectations.

If you’d like to see a range of designs, colors, and the different sectors where we’ve installed a long-lasting resin floor, visit our epoxy floor gallery.

Speak to our team for advice

To discuss your unique requirements and ensure you get the epoxy floor your business deserves, call our team at (800) 708-9870 or contact us online.

Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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