Child-friendly flooring for kindergarten and daycare centers

Messy play with water and paints, food that falls on the floor, a spilt drink—a kindergarten floor takes a lot of abuse in the course of a busy day.

The priorities of any daycare center are to keep children safe, educated, and entertained, and the flooring you choose plays a bigger part in the success of your kindergarten than you may first think.

If you are thinking of installing a new floor or replacing a failed system in your daycare center, it’s important to choose one that is child-friendly from installation through to daily use. Here’s why you should consider Everlast® Epoxy for your daycare center for a child-friendly flooring solution that lasts for years.

Fast installation and no harmful odors

Parents and caregivers rely on daycare providers—and closure due to a failed floor will cause headaches for parents who rely on your services when they need to go to work.

An epoxy floor provides an easy-to-install, pourable, and trowelable flooring surface that can be laid overnight, so there is minimal downtime for your facility.

Our child-friendly epoxy floors emit no harmful odors or vapors during installation, which means the facility is safe to use after epoxy flooring installation, allowing children back into their classrooms faster. This also means happy kids and happy parents who won’t have to find alternative daycare at short notice.

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Colorful flooring to aid learning and add fun

Studies have shown that colors in a classroom environment can boost learning progress by up to 16%.

Getting creative with the color of your kindergarten or daycare floor can enhance learning and help “zone” areas for eating, story time, messy play, and study. Everlast® floors come with the choice of over 50 different shades—from vibrant reds and sapphire blues to calm neutral colors and deep jewel tones for quiet time to ensure your daycare center floor complements the children’s learning experience.

And it’s not only the children you need to impress: parents who are looking for a daycare provider will love the idea of colorful and bright surroundings and feel reassured that their children are spending time in the right environment.

Say goodbye to dirty carpets and hello to hygiene

Daycare center flooring takes a pounding from children—many flooring options simply can’t stand up to the abuse of being used as a dance floor or a dining hall, with muddy feet and spilled drinks to boot.

Many daycare providers across the United States are replacing their dirty, unhygienic carpet and carpet tiles with sanitary epoxy flooring that can be effortlessly cleaned and maintained while still looking as good as new. 

Everlast’s child-friendly epoxy floors are seamless and nonporous, which means spills, dirt, and debris can be easily wiped away and will not sink into the substrate and cause damage or odors.

Our epoxy floors also contain an integrated EPA-registered antimicrobial component that prevents the spread of bacteria, making it a healthier and more sanitary choice than carpet tiles for kindergarten flooring.

The seamless nature of Everlast® Epoxy flooring means that there are no cracks or joints where bacteria can hide and thrive, which protects your floors from a host of microorganisms.

Nonslip flooring keeps children safe

Many popular flooring solutions used in childcare facilities can become slippery in bad weather or when water play is involved.

Everlast® Epoxy floors have a slip-resistant coating that minimizes the risk of slips and skids and provides traction for children’s feet—even in wet conditions.

Speak to our team to discuss your child-friendly epoxy floor

If we’ve inspired you to choose a child-friendly flooring solution to replace a failed floor—or to brighten up a dull corner of your daycare center—then speak to our team to discuss a flooring option that works as hard as you do.

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Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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