An Old Downtown Post Office Repurposed

When Brett Thompson of Thompson’s Construction began his work converting an old post office in downtown Helena, Alabama into Sunshine and Pumpkin Catering’s new home base, he knew he had his work cut out for him. The then-one story building had a flat roof and, from day one, needed lots of work — work he didn’t want to wind up driving waste in the local landfill. Instead, Brett set out to create a truly eco-friendly experience, repurposing as much of the existing materials as possible. What he couldn’t use, he gave to other businesses and builders.

After finishing the core work, Brett and his team focused on one of the final — and arguably most important — pieces: the floors. Because this building would be a catering facility and wedding planning office complete with a full kitchen, they needed something with form and function — flooring that would look as good as it performed. They needed it to conform to the local health department standards for a foodservice kitchen. They landed on Everlast Epoxy. “We did a lot of research and came up with that,” says Brett. “We wanted to make sure we didn’t have joints that would harbor microbes germs,” and, ultimately, they “were looking for the best, and I think that’s what we found,” he adds.

Three years later their Everlast® Floor looks and feel like new, and are easy to clean and maintain. Brett attributes these floors to their “spotless” health department inspections, and the consistent 100s the Sunshine and Pumpkin team are scoring. And, looking ahead, they’re confident those reviews will keep coming — and so are we!

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