Amazing benefits of epoxy flooring for industrial facilities

The importance of flooring surfaces for industrial settings is often overlooked. But, for forward-thinking businesses that want to maximize productivity and safety, you need flooring that allows your organization to operate efficiently.

One of the most popular options for many businesses looking to install a reliable and durable floor is epoxy resin - and here we reveal some of the fantastic benefits of epoxy flooring for industrial facilities.

Long-lasting durability

Epoxy resin vulcanizes seamlessly to most existing substrates creating a resilient surface that is designed to last for decades.

Our epoxy flooring is also highly resistant to wear and tear, making it the best choice for industrial environments. The tough, seamless floor can withstand the constant flow of forklift trucks, plant, and heavy machinery, as well as foot traffic from staff and visitors.

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Accidents happen. But with an Everlast Epoxy floor, dropped boxes and cargo or spillages will not cause any impact damage to your surfaces.

Enhances the working environment

Many industrial organizations opt for epoxy flooring for its aesthetic appeal. With over fifty colors to choose from, an epoxy floor enhances the working environment and boosts staff well-being.

Plus, the light-reflective nature of our resin floors means you’ll spend less on artificial lighting, which is good for both your budget and the planet.

Create a safe working environment

The range of color options means that different shades can denote areas of the floor that may be hazardous, such as around machinery.  We offer a ‘safety yellow’ resin finish to warn staff and visitors of potentially dangerous zones.

In an industrial setting, worker safety is the main priority. Everlast Epoxy resin floors are manufactured using small, natural marble chips that have a coarse, sandpaper-like finish designed to minimize the risk of accidents - even in areas where the floor is frequently wet.

Hygienic and easy to clean

The joints and crevices in many other types of flooring surfaces can attract a lot of grime and bacteria, making it almost impossible to clean the floors thoroughly.

In contrast, epoxy flooring provides a smooth and completely sealed surface, leaving nowhere for microorganisms to hide. To further impede the spread of germs and dirt our floors contain an EPA-registered antimicrobial component that protects the surface from bacteria.

Since epoxy flooring has no joins, it’s also much easier to maintain and clean.  In fact, hot water, detergent, and a squeegee are all you’ll need to keep it sanitary and looking like new. For large surface areas, we have a range of automated cleaning machines to make the task of cleaning your floors even easier

Fast installation means less downtime

Time is money - and a failed floor can mean downtime for your business while the issue is rectified. 

Epoxy flooring is fast and easy to install, meaning your business can be up and running without stalling production.

Some flooring options use adhesives and solvents that emit toxic odors - which means you’ll need to shut down your facility until the fumes clear to keep your staff safe. Everlast floors use no solvents or adhesive and are practically odorless, further minimizing potential downtime.

Cost-effective industrial flooring

Installing a new floor - or replacing a failed one - can be an expensive project. But with an epoxy floor, its longevity makes it an extremely cost-effective option.

Plus, when you factor in the savings on lighting, cleaning, and business uptime, it’s easy to see why so many organizations across the United States choose epoxy resin floors for their business.

Install Everlast Epoxy flooring for industrial facilities

There are many benefits of resin floors, including financial savings, aesthetic appeal, and safety advantages.

This is why industrial facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, and workshops consistently choose epoxy resin flooring.

If you’re interested in installing epoxy flooring, speak to our experts at (800) 708-9870, contact us online, or request a free commercial flooring sample to see and touch the quality of our industrial flooring for yourself.

Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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