Advantages of installing commercial epoxy floors in the Fall

Summer is fading and soon the cool Fall weather will set in. As the season changes, businesses are presented with a unique opportunity to make positive changes to their working environment ahead too.

One change that can greatly impact the functionality, aesthetics, and durability of commercial spaces is the installation of epoxy floors. While epoxy floors can be installed year-round, the Fall offers distinct advantages that make it the ideal season for the installation of epoxy floors for businesses - and here are a few reasons why.

Get prepared for high footfall

Whether you're in the retail sector, the hospitality industry, or any other business that experiences a surge in customers during the holiday season, having your epoxy floors installed in the Fall ensures you're ready to welcome visitors with a fresh, appealing, and hard-wearing flooring solution.

Fall is an ideal time to gear up for increased business with a durable epoxy floor that is designed to withstand heavy footfall, shopping carts and strollers without any wear patterns or pitting.

For added durability, Everlast® Epoxy floors are never diluted with fillers or solvents - and will remain looking good and serviceable for many holiday seasons to come.

Get ahead of Winter wear and tear

Epoxy floors are renowned for their durability and resistance to heavy foot traffic, chemicals, impacts, and abrasions. 

By installing them in the Fall, you're protecting your business just in time for the harsher conditions of winter. 

The non-porous surface of a commercial epoxy floor shields your substrate from salt, moisture, and potential damage, ensuring a longer lifespan for your flooring investment.

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Low maintenance during busy periods

No one wants to spend their time maintaining floors - and we’re sure you’ve got better things for your maintenance team to deal with.

By installing epoxy floors in the Fall, you'll see a reduction in the amount of time and energy your team spends on cleaning.  Epoxy floors can be established and prepared for the increased cleaning and foot traffic associated with the holiday season. This proactive step can streamline your maintenance efforts and help keep your space looking pristine during a time when appearance matters most.

Moderate temperature and humidity

Fall brings comfortable temperatures and relatively stable humidity levels. Epoxy flooring installation is influenced by environmental conditions, and extremes of temperature or humidity can impact the curing process. 

During summer, high temperatures can cause the epoxy to cure too quickly, and in winter, colder temperatures can slow down the process. Fall's moderate climate provides the optimal conditions for a smooth and consistent epoxy curing process, ensuring a flawless end result.

Epoxy floors are a smart investment

With the beginning of Fall aligning with the start of a new fiscal period for many companies, it's an ideal time to allocate funds for renovations and improvements, such as an epoxy floor installation. 

This allows you to plan and budget accordingly, ensuring that you have the necessary resources available for a successful flooring installation.  Everlast® Epoxy floors are not as expensive as you may think either.  They are designed to last for decades and remain durable and good-looking - unlike tiles, carpets or rubberized floors which can degrade and look shabby after a short period of time.

Find out more about a Fall installation

Fall’s temperate climate and the strategic timing ahead of the holiday season make it the prime season for installing commercial epoxy floors. 

We’re here to help your business with a smooth installation process, improved aesthetics, and enhanced durability—all while preparing your business environment for the upcoming holiday season. 

Speak to our friendly flooring experts at (800) 708-9870 or request more details online. Want to take a good look at our commercial flooring? We offer free samples - claim yours today and see and feel the high-quality of our surfaces for yourself.

Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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