A guide to choosing the best swimming pool flooring

Whether it’s an indoor pool, an outdoor water park, a swimming pool on campus or a pool in the backyard, there is an increased risk of slips and falls wherever there is water.

Businesses such as spas, leisure centers, and hotels understand that the safety of their pool users is paramount, and choosing the best swimming pool flooring can help to prevent injuries and provide a great experience to guests.

Read on to discover why Everlast® Epoxy is the smart choice for swimming pool flooring and the surrounding poolside area.

Why choose an epoxy poolside floor?

  • Epoxy flooring is seamless - reducing the risk of tripping on a cracked tile

  • Minimal maintenance - make the most of your resin floors, with little effort

  • Fast to install - less downtime for your business

  • Sanitary - An EPA-registered component minimizes the spread of microbes

  • Multi-purpose - ideal for locker rooms, showers, and restrooms

  • Wide choice of colors and designs

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A seamless swimming pool floor

Everlast® Epoxy offers safe, stylish poolside flooring, with a seamless, waterproof finish. Joins in any floor that is regularly exposed to water can cause damage to the substrate. But with a sleek and seamless resin surface, the water has nowhere to go, and can simply be mopped away.

Our floors also have a textured, non-slip finish, so everyone can enjoy themselves without the risk of slipping or falling on ceramic tiles or hard concrete.

Tiles are another popular poolside flooring option, however, cracks and joins provide a haven for germs - and if water gets under the tiled floor, the tiles can lift and crack, causing an unsightly trip hazard.

Because our floors are durable and non-porous they make the ideal swimming pool flooring - and can even be applied to the walls to contain any runoff in poolside showers and restrooms.

Easy-to-maintain pool surrounds

Our pool flooring requires minimal maintenance to keep up a great appearance for your facility, which means you’ll never need to scrub your pool surround again.

An Everlast® Floor can be kept hygienically clean using just detergent and water. Grime and dirt are easily removed because the floor is non-porous. 

We recommend cleaning your floors with a deck brush and rinsing thoroughly daily. For a deeper clean our flooring can also be pressure-washed or steam cleaned. To make cleaning a large poolside area even easier, take a look at our range of automated floor-cleaning equipment.

Protect your pool floor from microbes

Everlast® Flooring has an integral EPA-registered antimicrobial component to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, providing protection from bacteria, fungi, and mildew. 

This formula protects your floor from germs and odor-causing microorganisms, so your pool always looks inviting. A hygienic floor will give customers the confidence that your whole facility is well-maintained, sanitary, and welcoming.

Fast and easy installation

Installation of an Everlast® pool surround is fast and simple - something to consider when you want to keep guests happy and your pool open for business. 

It’s fast-curing and can be ready for foot traffic in just twenty-four hours - meaning less downtime and more time welcoming customers.

Good-looking and comfortable to walk on

You want your poolside to look beautiful and bespoke. We provide a choice of over fifty colors to complement your brand - from cool, contemporary grays, to bright and bold blues - check out our gallery and pick your favorite.

Our floors are also as comfortable as they are attractive, as the surface surrounding the pool is flexible enough to provide comfort to bare feet, keeping guests happy - so they leave those all-important five-star reviews every time they visit.

Talk to us about your pool flooring

Our team is dedicated to providing the best swimming pool flooring for all types of wet areas, including pool surrounds, locker rooms, water parks, restrooms and spas.

Talk to us today about your swimming pool flooring by calling (800) 708-9870 or by contacting us online to get the best flooring for both public and private pools.

Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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