7 Facility Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

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It is true that even the owners with the best intentions sometimes make the worst mistakes when trying to cut corners with cleaning and maintenance teams. This can be downright dangerous, and steps need to be taken in order to avoid these mistakes at all costs.

7 Facility Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

1)     Not having a routine equipment repair schedule. Over time, costs increase for labor, repairs, and energy as unexpected asset breakdowns happen. When assets are down, it results in idle staff that do not get any work done.

2)     Badly managed maintenance teams can result in a higher risk of liability, injury, or a fatal accident on your premises. Without the correct procedures and management, your employees, teams, and customers are at risk.

3)     The owner not investing enough in asset repairs and cleanliness. This results in poor planning and delays as parts need to be acquired when something breaks or wears out, which can reduce productivity. Over reliance on a single oven in a restaurant, for example, will cause a disaster if it suddenly breaks.

4)     The “firefighting” mentality is a concern, where teams only work when something is broken and do no routine maintenance at all. Instead of preventing damage and disrepair, their only purpose is to “put out fires” when something breaks—and this is always a result of poor management, incorrect policies, budget limitations, and total lack of training.

5)     The absence of accountability. This one you find most often in big brands, where minimum wage earners are not willing to accept responsibility for their actions. Because of a lack of money and management, accidents happen, work becomes shoddy and poor, and things stop being cleaned and fixed.

6)     Not being actively involved in improving processes. Perhaps the largest mistakes teams make is that they are siloed and kept apart from the success of the company, which means that they do not care about their own performance or finding solutions to everyday problems. You need workers to be involved in developing solutions.

7)     Having someone install the wrong floor. This is a global epidemic. So many facilities have the wrong flooring installed. This list can help you choose the right floor for your facility.

Facility maintenance teams make a lot of mistakes if they are badly managed, underfunded, and forced to do more with less. That is why you must make sure your teams have what they need in order to create the environment you want for your company.

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