5 Signs You NEED a New Floor (and what to do about it)

5 Signs You NEED a New Floor

(and what to do about it)

Think it’s time for a new floor? If your floors have a few decades under their belt—or, even, just a few years of super-high traffic us—you could be right. The longer you wait, the more costly it could be to repair or replace floors. Our advice? If it’s time, it’s time. When your floors need to be replaced, make the investment and opt for floors that sync with your business’ needs. Not only will this help them last longer, but you’ll invest less on quick fixes, repairs and cleaning down the road—always a pro.

#1. The pieces don’t “fit”

This is common in wood, ceramic and tile flooring—sometimes the pieces don’t seem to fit together anymore. Usually, this is a result of ongoing water damage or heat that’s caused floors to warp. Not only does this look bad, but ill-”fitting” flooring can be dangerous—pieces can easily rise or pop out, creating an uneven surface that can lead to slips, trips and falls.

#2. Those stains? They’re here to stay… 

Constant foot traffic, spills, water damage and other long-term stains are par for the course when you’re talking about commercial flooring. But, sometimes, despite all your scrubbing, disinfecting and deep cleaning, those stains hang on—and that’s when it could be time for new floors.

The longer a stain has been kicking around, the longer it’s likely to stay put—because the harder it is to get clean. If those stains are taking over the floor, opting for something new could be the way to go. Your space will instantly look and feel better, with a fresh, clean finish you’ll likely never get with your existing floors.

 #3. There’s visible damage

Whether it’s the ill-fitting pieces in #1 or other cracks, dents and loose boards, if you can see damage, it might be time for a new floor. Damaged floors look bad and, in many cases, can be dangerous to you, your staff and your customers. Don’t roll the dice—even a simple trip and fall could lead to a major injury and equally major liability.

#4. There are growths—or pests 

It’s not just dirt that can lead to floor stains. Bacteria, mold, yeast and, even, pests can easily creep into the cracks and crevasses in your floor, leading to long-term damage and, potentially, health hazards. If you’re seeing signs that these problems are lurking below the surface, it’s likely time for a new floor. 

#5. It just doesn’t look good 

Sometimes you just need a change—and floors are a great place to start. If your floors look or feel dated, don’t make sense in the space or are just plain ugly, it’s likely time for a change. Not only will it always bother you, but if it feels off to you, it likely does to your customers and employees, too—not ideal.

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