5 Signs that your warehouse floor has failed

Your warehouse flooring takes a lot of abuse. It literally supports all the activity that happens in a busy warehousing facility. High foot traffic and the use of forklifts, pallet trucks, and heavy plant machines all contribute to significant wear and tear on your flooring system.

Warehouse flooring often goes unnoticed until it fails—and then it becomes the focus of attention for all the wrong reasons. A failed flooring system will soon translate into high maintenance costs and downtime for your facility.

To avoid taking a reactive approach to factory flooring, here are five key signs you can look out for that indicate your floor system is reaching the end of its lifecycle.

Is the floor uneven?

Warehouse floors are designed to take a lot of weight and traffic. Over time, this uneven weight distribution will cause some flooring solutions to become uneven, creating a higher risk of trips and falls for your staff.  There are also potential safety implications if you attempt to bolt down racking on a surface that isn’t flat.

If your flooring is no longer level, it’s time to consider a replacement. 

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Is the flooring fit for a purpose?

To ensure the comfort and safety of your employees, your warehouse flooring should meet the needs of your business. If your current floor is tiled, these will lift and crack over time. A concrete floor is porous and thus allows moisture to seep into the substrate and cause issues with water ingress, whereas a floor with heat-welded seams, such as PVC or rubber, is vulnerable to heat damage and punctures.

Everlast® Epoxy flooring can prevent all these issues. Our system can be trowled over most existing surfaces and has no seams or joints that could allow water, germs, or debris to damage the substrate. 

Epoxy flooring also contains a textured, slip-resistant finish, which helps to protect your staff from slips and falls as they go about their busy day.

Has your warehouse floor been repaired?

We’ve seen warehouse floors that have been patched up and repaired over the years. And we get it: to run a profitable warehouse, your staff needs to remain productive, so repairing just a small area of the chipped or cracked floor means less operational downtime.

However, often the repaired areas of the floor are weaker than the rest, and larger cracks can appear under the patched-up areas, which will result in unsafe flooring that will need a full replacement.

If your flooring has failed and you need a fast solution that involves minimal downtime, install Everlast® Epoxy’s Overnight Fast Cure Flooring. Our unique formula will allow the installation of your floor to take place overnight—and be ready for foot traffic the following morning.

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Is your floor hygienic?

In a warehouse environment in which food is stored, hygiene is an important consideration. This is where an epoxy flooring system scores highly, as the entire covering of the floor area will be seamless, allowing nowhere for bacteria to accumulate.

Everlast® Epoxy Floor also contains an integrated EPA-registered antimicrobial component that is designed to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, providing long-term protection from a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, and mildew. 

This protects your floor from the accumulation of microorganisms and repels the sources of objectionable odors, making your warehouse a healthier working environment for your staff.

Unlike other systems, epoxy flooring is easy to maintain and clean. It’s waterproof and hard-wearing enough to withstand pressure cleaning for a sanitized finish.

Does your warehouse floor look good?

It’s not a question often asked about warehouse flooring, but it is one worthy of consideration. Warehouses are the beating heart of many businesses and provide a showcase that deserves to be shared with clients and visitors to your business.

A tired, scuffed, and poorly maintained floor can reflect badly on a company. If you’ve never taken the time to consider the aesthetics of your warehouse floor, now is the time to do so. An impressive-looking floorspace makes the company look professional from the ground up, and you’ll be proud to show any visitors and potential customers around your facility.

A pleasant working environment also contributes to staff morale, and with a choice of over 50 colors, your warehouse floor can contribute to a brighter and more airy facility in which to work. The highly reflective surface of epoxy resin will also create more light than other floors and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

Choose Everlast® Epoxy for durable warehouse floor

Everlast® Epoxy flooring for warehousing provides a superior floor solution that’s long-lasting and fast to install.

If you need a durable, easy-to-maintain flooring system for your warehouse or factory setting, speak to the Everlast® Epoxy team at (800) 708-9870 for a free, no-obligation quote, or request a sample online.

Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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