5 Signs of a Failed Parking Lot Floor

Parking lots are common features in cities and towns across the United States, providing convenient and accessible parking options for businesses, residential areas, and public spaces. 

Many regions have zoning regulations requiring a certain number of parking spaces for new developments, such as shopping centers, apartment buildings, and office complexes.

When the surface of a parking lot fails, it can have a negative impact on the business, resulting in downtime and lost productivity while the issue is resolved. 

Here are five of the critical warning signs of a failed parking lot floor to look out for - and how issues can be prevented with an Everlast® Epoxy resin floor alternative.

Cracks and potholes 

If you notice cracks and potholes on the surface of your parking lot floor, it is a clear sign that the surface has failed. These cracks and potholes can be caused by heavy traffic, weather conditions, or poor construction and can lead to seriously hefty repair bills.

Cracks can also allow water to seep into the subfloor, which can cause further damage and deterioration. Choosing a non-porous, seamless alternative that does not allow for water ingression will help to prevent cracks and costly damage further down the line.

An epoxy resin surface is extremely durable and can withstand the weight of cars and trucks, impacts, and abrasions that could cause cracks and potholes to appear in other common car park surfaces such as tarmacadam or concrete.

Uneven surface 

Any floors that are uneven can create safety hazards for pedestrians and vehicles, and can also indicate damage to the subfloor. If you notice any dips, bumps, or other irregularities on the surface of your parking lot floor, it may need replacing.

Epoxy flooring is a trowelled-on system that provides a seamless and level surface that is a dream to drive on. The absence of joints or seams means there are no bumps or obstacles that could make it difficult to maneuver or park vehicles. 

It can also improve the aesthetics of the parking area as there are no unsightly gaps or joints on display. After all, who says parking lots should be boring?

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Car park floors are a magnet for engine fluids, gasoline, oils, and other chemicals, and can discolor the surface of your car park. If you’ve spotted signs of discoloration, stains, or chemical damage on your car park surfaces, then it could be time to consider an alternative.

Everlast® Epoxy floors are formulated to resist chemical damage that can cause discoloration and will maintain their appearance over long periods of time.

For outdoor parking lots that are exposed to bright sunlight or other environmental factors, our formula contains UV stabilizers to maintain the color of the flooring and stop them from looking poorly maintained.


Everlast® Epoxy floors are also slip-resistant, thanks to a layer of grit that provides friction to minimize the risk of falls for pedestrians, and accidents resulting from skidding tyres when parking.

Even on days when the weather is damp or frosty, a high-quality resin floor will maintain its slip resistance to create a functional and practical parking space.

What to do about a failed parking lot floor

Regular maintenance and inspection of the car park floor can help prevent damage and prolong the life of the flooring system.

If you notice any of these signs, it is important to address them promptly to prevent further damage and ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. Depending on the extent of the damage, repairs or a full replacement of the flooring system may be necessary. 

When it becomes time to replace your parking lot floor, we are here to help you every step of the way, with friendly advice, free samples, and expert installers to provide a practical, functional, and good-looking parking lot floor that is designed to last for decades.

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Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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