5 reasons why epoxy resin is the best flooring for commercial kitchens

Managers of busy commercial kitchens understand that their working space is a high-pressure, fast-paced environment. Every surface needs to be food-safe, durable, sanitary, and easy to maintain from floor to ceiling.

From the installation of a brand new floor in a new commercial kitchen to the replacement of a failed floor in an established catering facility, floor hygiene is more important in a food production environment than in most other facility types.

Everlast® Epoxy are expert in designing and installing kitchen floors that work as hard as you do. Read on to discover the top five reasons why epoxy resin is the best flooring for commercial kitchens.

1: It combats bacteria and prevents odor

With an integrated EPA-registered antimicrobial component, our flooring has additives penetrating every layer to combat the spread of microorganisms and prevent bad odors.

Many of our competitors also claim their flooring has antimicrobial properties, but in reality, this is only included in the topcoat. This means that if the floor becomes chipped or cracked, the floor is no longer protected against bacteria.

Make sure you choose a supplier that has antimicrobial additives throughout every layer, so your floor won’t just look clean but will be sanitary from the top coating through to the substrate.

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2: Low-maintenance flooring that is easy to clean

After a busy shift, your team will thank you for providing them with a floor that is fast and easy to clean

Unlike a tiled floor that collects food debris, fats, and bacteria between the joins, epoxy flooring is a seamless, waterproof system that eliminates the issue of dirty joints, making it fast and easy to clean. Our flooring requires no back-breaking scrubbing or buffing to keep it looking its best - which will be welcome news for your janitorial team.

3: Minimal downtime with fast installation

Closing a commercial kitchen is something organisations aim to avoid at all costs. Busy workers need feeding - and kitchen managers who provide catering facilities for large organizations understand that any downtime can lead to poor staff morale and a less productive workforce.

If you need to replace a failed commercial kitchen floor, then consider a resin surface that ticks all the boxes in terms of fast installation and durability. Some Everlast® Epoxy floors can be installed overnight, ready for food traffic the next day, so your team can get back to catering for a hungry workforce with minimal disruption. 

4: Epoxy floors are durable and long-lasting

Our heavy-duty commercial kitchen floors are designed to withstand liquids, fats, and oils without causing pitting, swelling, or deterioration. We test all our resin floors against a multitude of chemicals to ensure they can stand up to the rigors of a busy commercial kitchen.

The water-tight surface prevents the absorption of spills, allowing liquids to be wiped away without any damage to the floor. 

Our flooring can withstand high temperatures and is ideal for use near appliances such as commercial ovens. It can even endure sub-zero temperatures too, making it the perfect flooring solution for walk-in chillers and freezers.

5: Provides a safer working environment

Commercial kitchens have many hazards: boiling pans, heavy saucepans, and skid hazards such as oils and other liquids, can all increase the risk of injury to staff.

To minimize accidents, install a floor that helps to look after the well-being of employees. Everlast® Floors have a textured finish and a coarse non-slip additive to provide a safer, slip-resistant environment in which to work, even in areas where fats and grease may be spilled.

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Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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