5 Reasons To Replace Tiles With An Epoxy Floor

Epoxy vs Tiles: Five reasons why replacing your tired tiled floor is long overdue…

Tiled floors have, for some time, been the flooring of choice for facility managers or business owners on a budget. At first glance, we see the attraction: The initial investment is often less expensive than an epoxy alternative and, initially, tiles can look great.

But it’s likely that your great-looking tiled floor won’t stand the test of time. We’ve helped hundreds of facility managers replace their tiles with an epoxy floor after their tile floor failed—in less than 2 years. Replacing a floor is expensive and can disrupt your facility while the work is being completed, so it’s important to consider all the flooring options available before making a choice. 

If you’re looking to replace tiles with an epoxy floor, here are some of the benefits and long-term savings you’ll reap:

Epoxy is a sanitary and hygienic option

The structure of a tiled floor means that there are joints and gaps between the individual tiles where germs and bacteria can thrive. Grout deteriorates, tiles will crack or chip, which creates a haven for mold, mildew, fungi, and yeast. These microorganisms can cause bad odors and unsanitary environments, which can be especially problematic in medical facilities or hospitals where hygiene is paramount.

Everlast® Epoxy flooring includes an antimicrobial component that penetrates every layer of the epoxy to protect your floor from microorganisms and creates a healthier, more hygienic environment for your facility.

It’s impossible to create an atmosphere that is microbe-free, and your floor has the highest exposure to bacteria, more than any other area of your facility. Staff and visitors to your facility can harbor germs on their shoes, or microbes can blow in through an open window. However, with Everlast® Epoxy’s antimicrobial component, you can more effectively protect your floors than you could with a tiled alternative.

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Say goodbye to cracks—even in extreme temperatures

You need a flooring solution that stands up to the foot traffic and rigors of your busy facility. From office corridors to a high-end car showroom, epoxy flooring beats a tiled floor when it comes to durability, hands down.

Tiled flooring is prone to chipping and cracking, especially in environments such as auto shops or commercial kitchens, in which heavy tools or pans could be dropped. If the tiles are in an area exposed to UV rays, they can quickly fade or become loose over time, creating a trip hazard.

If you operate in a high-temperature environment and need flooring that absorbs heat, epoxy can withstand temperatures of up to 158°F. At the opposite end of the scale, epoxy flooring is a durable choice for walk-in freezers because, unlike tiles, its seamless surface will not crack or lift in extreme temperatures.

No more buffing, waxing, or scrubbing

Maintaining large flooring areas in establishments such as schools, warehouses, or open-plan offices can be time-consuming and expensive. If you operate in an area where chemicals are used, spillages can stain tiles and grout, leaving unsightly marks and making your floor look tired and worn—even if it’s newly laid.

Everlast® Epoxy flooring is resistant to many chemicals, acids, and alkalis that will not show any signs of deterioration, even after it’s been tested to its limits (we did so by letting chemicals saturate the flooring for 7 days).

Keeping your floor clean will be a breeze when you use our Everlast® Epoxy cleaning system, which can be applied to the surface, left to work its magic, and then removed with a squeegee. It’s fast, simple, and requires no back-breaking scrubbing. Tiles are harder to keep clean and require frequent scrubbing, buffing, and waxing to remain good-looking, which means your cleaning staff are working harder, not smarter.  

Epoxy flooring is a safer choice than tiles

The slip resistance of your flooring is an important consideration, especially in commercial kitchens where grease is an issue, or in wet environments, such as swimming pool locker rooms, where there is an increased risk of slips and injuries.

Everlast® Epoxy flooring has a textured, nonabrasive surface that provides grip. Our nonslip additive will give your flooring an extremely slip-resistant finish that tiles simply can’t match. The smooth surface of tile becomes hazardous if it’s exposed to grease, water, or oils, which could result in injury to your staff and customers, possibly even culminating in a costly lawsuit.

Easy installation for minimum downtime

We understand that the prospect of replacing a failed floor can be daunting. Breaking up concrete, prepping the surface to lay tiles, and facing the closure of your facility while new flooring is laid all require downtime and disruption to your business.

Epoxy flooring removes all the hassle of installing a new floor. Installation requires minimum preparation because epoxy can be laid over most surfaces, making the process fast and easy.  The floor can be walked on after only 24 hours and won’t leave any lasting odors or fumes, making it ideal for busy hospital wards or correctional facilities, where moving inmates could prove a security risk.

Replace your tiles with Everlast® Epoxy

From schools and commercial kitchens to medical and leisure facilities, epoxy flooring is a durable and hygienic solution. This easy-to-clean surface will stand the test of time and still look great—without any fuss or heavy maintenance.

If you are thinking about investing in a new flooring system, epoxy flooring wins out over tiles every time. Visit our website or contact us today for free samples and a no-obligation quotation.

Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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