5 Questions to Ask Yourself  When Choosing Commercial Flooring

If you’ve been tasked with choosing the best commercial flooring for your business, the number of options can seem pretty overwhelming.

There are many commercial flooring solutions available, and finding the one that best matches the unique requirements of your business can be challenging. And, when you factor in your budget and installation time frame, it’s an important decision that you can’t afford to get wrong.

Our Everlast® Epoxy flooring specialists are frequently asked, “What is the best commercial flooring?” Our team has helped thousands of facility managers and business owners across the U.S. make flooring decisions that are right for their businesses.

Read on to discover the top questions you should ask yourself before choosing your new commercial, industrial, or retail flooring.

What are the flooring requirements for my business?

The flooring requirements of each business are unique, so it’s worth considering how much wear and tear the floor will be subjected to before deciding which surface to install.

A busy warehouse with heavy machinery will need a much more robust floor than a small office, whereas a medical center's top priority is usually a hygienic floor.

If you take some time to brainstorm how your floor will be used and what you want it to deliver, you’ll find the task of choosing a commercial floor much easier.

Where is my business located?

 Louisiana and Mississippi are two of the wettest states in the U.S., so if your business is based in these (or other locations with frequent rainfall), you should be putting slip-resistance on the list of top priorities. A textured floor can help prevent trips and falls and will protect staff, customers, and visitors — and even might save you the expense of a costly lawsuit.

If you are lucky enough to live in Arizona or New Mexico — two of the sunniest states — or have a facility with plenty of windows that allow sunlight to flood through, a UV-resistant floor is an ideal choice. Wooden floors and carpets are not resistant to the sun’s rays and can quickly fade in bright conditions, leaving your floor looking tired and neglected after only a short period of use.

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What flooring maintenance jobs can I commit to?

All flooring needs maintenance, but some options require more money, time, and elbow grease than others.

Carpets will need regular vacuuming and washing, which means certain areas of the facility will be unavailable while the surface dries. Tiles require plenty of scrubbing to ensure the grouting and joints remain clean and attractive, and a wooden floor demands plenty of polishing to keep its shine.

If you’ve got limited time to care for your floor, you might consider choosing a seamless, easy-to-clean option like epoxy flooring, which only requires detergent and water to keep it gleaming — sans the hassles of buffing or polishing.

Trust us, your janitorial staff will thank you for choosing epoxy flooring!

Are aesthetics important?

All floors look great when they are first installed, but some surfaces start to show signs of wear sooner than others. Carpets can become stained, tile floors can crack and lift, and the seams in rubberized flooring can allow fluids to seep into the substrate and cause pitting. 

If you want your floor to look as good in 10 years as it did the day it was installed, take a look at the range of our Everlast® Epoxy flooring, which is available in over 50 colors, so there is always a shade to match your company’s branding. Our expert installers can even include logos and designs into the surface to give your premises a real “wow” factor.

Does my floor need to be eco-friendly?

For many organizations, “going green” is a key consideration as we strive to do more to protect our planet. 

If you want to install an environmentally friendly floor, there are a few additional things you should consider:

  • Can the floor be recycled at the end of its useful lifespan? 

  • Does the flooring contain any recycled materials?

  • Are there any chemicals involved in its production?

Carpets made using natural fibers, such as wool or sisal, are considered eco-friendly and are a great choice for many businesses, but it’s important to check that the underlay and glue used to bind them together have “green credentials” as well.

Natural surfaces like cork or bamboo are also recommended for their sustainability but are often not practical in an industrial or commercial setting.

Everlast® Epoxy flooring is made from natural marble chips and organic resins. Unlike most other epoxy floors, Everlast® Epoxy contains no solvents, which makes our surfaces one of the “greenest” and most durable floors in the industry.

We also offer an alternative to marble stones, with our Eco Floor that utilizes glass chips from recycled bottles, keeping them out of the landfill!

Do you have more questions about commercial flooring?

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