5 Guiding Principles of Technology For Facility Managers

Using technology to compete with larger brands

New facility managers need a set of principles that will guide them on their path to building cleaner, well-maintained businesses. These guiding principles will keep them on track and pushing for the right things and toward the right goals.

5 Guiding Principles of Technology For Facility Managers

#1: Always Build Plans That Suit the Business

Every facility is different, and each will require a unique approach to facility maintenance and management. Make sure that your facility manager understands your goals, what resources you have to offer, and what can be done in the event that they require access to something outside the realm of what has been discussed. This will prevent roadblocks along the way.

#2: Fight to Secure Adequate Funding

A facility manager should understand how to implement different strategies for a specific business as well as how much these strategies and procedures will cost the business over time. Creating accurate projections will allow the manager to secure the right funding for what needs to be done. No funding means no room for improvement, ever.

#3: Focus on Hiring and Training the Right People

It is instrumentally important to have a team of people that you can trust working to clean and maintain your facility. This means doing background checks and regular performance reviews and taking a hands-on approach to their training. Always train your employees to comply with any official policies and procedures document for accountability purposes.

#4: Create and Build On Your Policies and Procedures Document

This document is a major asset for your company, and it needs to become the central location for any improvements and additions that happen along your development journey. Your team should be able to make suggestions and additions to the document as well, according to their needs. Make it accessible and open to discussion for best results.

#5: Trust Technology to Plug the Gaps

The truth is that without technology, you cannot hope to compete with larger brands. The facility manager must be well versed in the system that you use and able to train others in that system. Find the right software package to help you manage your teams, and you will quickly see why it rapidly accelerates performance and results.

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