4 Steps to Insect Protection

Pest management companies will tell you there are 4 steps to controlling insects. Your choice of flooring plays a significant role in preventing insect problems.

1. Stop Them From Entering
Everlast Floor is seamless and non-porous. The cove base is a continuous part of the floor. Door jambs, cooler walls, pipes and wires protruding out of the floor, and drains are completely sealed in. Insects will not be able to come in and out of these otherwise accessible areas, as they will all be sealed off with epoxy.

2. Deny Them a Living Habitat
Because Everlast Floor is seamless, there are no grout joints or cracks and crevices for insects to hide. They cannot live in the walls and slab, and come and go freely through the floor.

3. Starve Them
Everlast Floor is easy to clean, so there will be less leftover waste on the floor after cleaning. Keeping your facility clean is an extremely important defense against unwanted pests.

4. Kill Them
Because Everlast Floor is seamless and easy to clean, less pesticides are needed and they are more effective. There will be a significantly less insect problem and the once that are there will be easier to kill. They can always run, but now they can’t hide.

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