3 Reasons Why Dogs And Cats Prefer Everlast Epoxy Flooring

There are lots of reasons why YOU might prefer an epoxy floor for your veterinary clinic. The long terms savings, the attractive look, and the ease of maintenance a few good examples that come to mind…

…But did you know that your animals prefer epoxy floors too? Here are three reasons why

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The atmosphere of the room.

The high gloss rating of our epoxy flooring will increase the luminescence of a room up to 300%––that’s more than tile, and way more than concrete or other options. As the natural lighting of the room is reflected off your glossy epoxy floor, the entire room brightens up dramatically. Every human being can relate to feeling happier in a room that is more adequately lit. To a cat, this can be the difference between feeling imprisoned and feeling at home––and once installed, there are no added costs to your utility bills.

The smell f the room.

Dogs have extraordinary senses of smell. Depending on your veterinary flooring option, there are endless chemical odors which can offend your dogs’ senses of smell––and the odors may linger for months or years.

Many epoxy floors and other resinous floors contain solvents which emit harmful fumes while evaporating. These epoxy floors cannot be installed in a facility while it is occupied.

As well, Everlast Floor does not harbor odor causing bacteria so you will not get that all-to-common lingering foul smell caused by other inferior floors.

Everlast Epoxy Floors contain no solvents, and have no objectionable odor. Your epoxy flooring can be installed in your facility while your customers and staff are present. Your Everlast Epoxy Flooring does not emit harmful vapors and has almost no smell.

Floor sanitation

Disease will spread in any crowded space of animals. That’s why proper sanitation is a must of any veterinary clinic. If an animal defecates on your worn out floor, bacteria will get trapped in the microscopic pores on the floor’s surface. Our resin based epoxy floors are 100% non porous. Which prevents the accumulation of bacteria.

Our floors are also formulated with an epa-registered anti-microbial component which prevents the growth of potentially harmful microbes. This is part of the entire floor system, not just the top-coat, so you do not have to worry about it wearing-off with the sealer. Should your floor be gouged, it will still have the protection.

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Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!

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