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Everlast® Floor is a hand-troweled epoxy floor. Only minor surface-prep is required - the surface needs to be clean and dry. It is recommended to lightly sand or "scuff" the floor prior to installation to ensure a proper bond. This removes any laitance and imbedded dirt.  Everlast® Epoxy Flooring does not require a primer or bond coat (unless it is installed over a wood subfloor) as it is a one-step application. After the flooring is installed a clear-coat of Everlast Glaze is painted on to give it a shine and make it easy-to-clean.

Easy Installation
Everlast® Epoxy Floor can be installed by a flooring contractor or a motivated do-it-yourselfer who can use a finish trowel. No special equipment is required. Tools required are finish trowels and a 1/2 horse mixing drill. Call us at (800) 708-9870 to request detailed instructions.

Professional epoxy flooring installation services are also available through our network of dealers located throughout the continental USA.