If your commercial floor isn’t Everlast®, then it will never last
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Everlast Décor Floor – endless design flexibility

If you’re looking for a modern look and feel for your establishment...

If you want to have a floor that is and unique as your personality...

If you want to strike an upscale, or classy first impression...

If you are in the design process and have an idea of what you are looking for, and can’t find it here, or are in the process of creating or rebranding and are looking for the perfect floor to make a statement, then let us help you as we offer a service to custom design an epoxy floor color that will be unique to your brand.
Your custom floor cannot be copied or reproduced by anyone else – you will own a look and feel that is truly unique to your establishments!
We also have a collection of colors you can choose from that are available to everyone. All Everlast Décor Floors contain reflective metallic pigments that reflect your lighting enhancing the room by making it bright and vibrant. It also seamlessly camouflages any discolorations, stains, or abnormal surface qualities that may otherwise cause an unsightly floor stain.