You've just spent a lot of money on a building designed to endure hard use—or upgraded your building to accommodate new tasking.

Now you need to think about how to make the floor match the new objectives or maybe it's time to repair a floor that's no longer doing its job.

What we can promise is a floor system that will absorb all the punishment that comes about in an industrial setting—for an extended period, well past our competitors' claims.

Epoxy Floor Coating For Shop

What some systems are calling industrial flooring is no more than several layers of an epoxy paint.

We've gone to great lengths to engineer a system—tested and proven –to take the hard hits, grinding movement repetition, vibration and generated heat from any number of heavy machines and equipment that drive their forces into the floor that you depend on to withstand them.

Shop Epoxy Floor
Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating
Facility Epoxy Flooring
Facility Epoxy Floor Coating

One Size Does Not Fit All
Manufacturing Facility Epoxy Floor Coating

Not just taking the time to develop, but going out into the field to see the kinds of abuse industrial floors are subjected to has given the engineers who designed these systems the insight to design a system that works monolithically to resist abrasion, impact, chemicals and temperature extremes.

We have developed and tested multiple formulations to withstand many different chemical exposures. Call us or fill out the form on this page for a quick and free recommendation of which formulation will last the longest in YOUR shop.

>>> We start with Everlast™ Epoxy's Shop Floor Epoxy Primer to bond with the concrete surface and restructure it into a homogenous configuration that prevents spalling and fissures.

>>> Next a layer of our binder. This coating is embedded with quartz mineral, evenly distributed, to ensure it does the job everywhere with equal efficiency. This gives it durability and strength.

>>> The third layer is a second binder that doubles the strength of the first as well as encapsulating the quartz mineral aggregate to maintain its viability.

>>> The last application is Everlast™ Epoxy's Shop Floor high performance urethane glaze coat that shields the complete floor system from chemical decomposition.