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Recycled Glass Epoxy Flooring
Recycled Glass Epoxy Flooring
 Everlast® Epoxy Eco Floor is the environmentally friendly solution for your facility. Everlast® Epoxy Eco Flooring is made from recycled glass bottles, and a recycled content certificate can be provided for your LEED project.
 When you install Everlast® Eco Epoxy Flooring in your facility, you are doing your part to keep glass bottles out of our nations landfills, as well as keep from using up natural resources.

Durable Flooring
Everlast® Eco Epoxy floor has the same properties as Everlast Floor. The only difference in the formulation is it has recycled glass bottle chips in place of the natural marble chips. The resin is identical so you will have the same healthy, durable and attractive floor as if you used Everlast® Floor, the only thing missing would be the guilt from using natural marble resources. (Our Eco Floor recycled glass floors have a beautiful light reflection that some would say was even more attractive than the Everlast® Floor colors) It can be installed by one of our certified dealers, or by a motivated Do-It-Yourselfer. It is installed the same way as Everlast® Floor.

Attractive Flooring
Your customers will have an excellent first impression of your facility. It will have clean, fresh, and modern appearance that will be easy to clean.

Eco Recycled Glass Epoxy Floor

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