Have The Nicest Garage On Your Block, Along With Easy Cleaning And Added Value

Your garage serves a number of important functions. It houses and protects your cars or other vehicles; serves as a “second entrance” to your home; makes an excellent storage area for tools, as well as any consumable products you buy in bulk; and also gives you a quiet and secluded place to work on projects.

But your garage is also exposed to many abrasive elements that can disrupt the use you get out of it, and even cost you money on maintenance and cleaning, like:

  • Dirt
  • Extreme Heat and Cold
  • Oil Stains
  • Humidity
  • Salt Damage
  • and Spills
garage epoxy natural stone flooring

Some of these can even lead to injury and possibly legal liabilities, since the standard concrete found in most garages can turn into a dangerous slippery surface when combined with moisture!

Aside from stains and safety issues, concrete also comes with a number of other disadvantages, like cracking and chipping over time due to impact and extreme temperature changes; and mold resulting from seeped in moisture, creating both an unsightly and unhealthy environment.

Everlast® Pebble Stone: The floor that does it all for your garage

Everlast® Pebble stone is the perfect flooring option for your garage. Not only does it look great, but it gives you all of the following, too:

  • Traps dirt off shoes and equipment so it WON’T track into your house
  • Easy to clean with just a broom or vacuum
  • Totally eliminates salt damage, preventing ugly erosion spots
  • Remains completely unaffected by temperature changes (even extreme ones)
  • Unmatched traction to prevent falls and injuries, keeping your family and visitors safe
  • A great looking floor pattern that will make your garage feel like a “real” part of your home

Garage flooring doesn’t have to be boring!

While the “garage of the past” may have been a boring slab of grey concrete, the garage of the future is anything but! In fact all the latest home decorating trends include transforming garage flooring into something exciting that reflects your personality and vehicle choice.

With an unlimited number of colors and design options, Everlast® Pebble Stone adds beauty and value to your garage by making it another “room” in your house—rather than treating it like a utilitarian entryway.

Even more benefits…

  • No peeling, bubbling or cracking, even in extreme weather
  • Long lasting and exceptionally durable
  • Eco friendly formula is safe for the environment and your household
  • Extensive color and design choices, so you can choose a pattern that complements both your house and your car
  • Prevents mold and moisture damage by allowing concrete to breathe
  • Provides excellent insulation, muffling sounds and keeping the rest of the house quiet when you’re working with loud tools
  • Easy to install right over concrete

An affordable alternative to traditional garage flooring

Everlast® Pebble Stone is available now at a price that makes sense for homeowners like you. Get your FREE estimate now, or find out more about how Everlast® Pebble Stone can make your garage safer, better looking, and add value to your home today!

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