Everlast® Pebble Stone Enhances The Look, Feel And Safety Of Your Pool Deck

Keep your pool one of the most cherished parts of your family’s home

Your pool gives you so much: Fun in the sun, quality time spent with your family, excitement for the kids regardless of their ages, a great way for everyone to stay active, healthy and fit, and let’s not forget pool parties!

But when not properly equipped, pools can also lead to danger. The environment may be “begging” for someone to slip and fall. Running by the pool, climbing in and out, and even walking at the pool’s edge can be a serious hazard when you factor in moisture.

natural stone pool deck floors

When concrete comes into contact with water, it creates a dangerous slippery surface that can easily lead to accidents. This is true even if you’re “being careful”, and even though your concrete is “slip-resistant”. When it comes to bare feet and wet, flat surfaces, there is simply no such thing as fool proof!

Isn’t it time you looked into PREVENTING a poolside accident from happening?

Everlast® Pebble Stone provides a TRUE slip-resistant surface for your family’s poolside safety

Most people seem to think of their pool deck as a by-product of their pool, but when looked at from a safety perspective, it’s actually the most important component!

Everlast® Pebble Stone offers a slip- and skid-resistant surface that keeps your family safe, so they can enjoy pool time, while you enjoy peace of mind.

Not only does Everlast® Pebble Stone provide more traction than concrete surfaces—it won’t collect water in the same way concrete does. Because of its porous surface, water is absorbed by Everlast Pebble Stone, so it gets dryer, quicker.

Additional benefits of Everlast® Pebble Stone for your pool deck

Beautiful Design

In addition to being a safer alternative to concrete, installing Everlast Pebble Stone gives your pool deck a custom design that will enhance the look of your pool, your backyard, and your entire home

polyavastic natural stone pool deck

Won’t Crack Or Chip

Unlike concrete, Everlast® Pebble Stone won’t show signs of wear and tear that take away from your pool’s value and aesthetic appeal. Plus, it’s designed to be installed right over existing concrete surfaces for maximum convenience and minimal cost.

Beat The Heat

Everlast® Pebble Stone stays cooler than concrete, so your family and guests won’t run the risk of burning their feet when the midday sun is at its strongest. Nor will Everlast® Pebble Stone reflect sunlight like bright concrete does—making it easier for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves!

Slip-resistant fun at an affordable price

Everlast® Pebble Stone is available now at a price that makes sense for homeowners like you. Get your FREE estimate now, or find out more about how Everlast® Pebble Stone can give your pool deck more traction and a beautiful customized design now.

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polyavastic natural pebblestone pool deck