A flooring option that combines aesthetics, safety, convenience and affordability

Epoxy Pebblestone Flooring

For your home

Whether it's your basement, patio, garage or pool deck, Everlast Pebble Stone adds personality, comfort and safety.

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For your business

Cover up unsightly concrete easily and permanently. Eliminate mold growth and reduce liability. Custom designs available.

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Polyavastic Outdoor Pebblestone Flooring

Here are just some of the benefits you'll get with Everlast® Pebble Stone:

>>> Warm and inviting

>>> Easy to clean

>>> Prevents mold

>>> Durable, long lasting

>>> Many designs and colors

>>> Provides traction

>>> Dries quickly

>>> Easy to install

>>> Hides unsightly concrete

>>> Great for home or business

UV esistant outdoor natural stone flooring

pebblestone walkway steps

Interested in Custom Designs?

Give your home or business its own unique look, including borders, color patterns or logos.

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pebblestone flooring vs concrete

Pebblestone vs Concrete

More benefits than concrete, with none of the drawbacks. See how each option measures up.

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Pebblestone stops Mold & Mildew

Stop Mold & Mildew

In addition to beauty, Everlast® Pebblestone is designed for maximum air quality and safety.

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