Create The Beautiful Basement Environment You’ve Always Wanted

Your basement is one of the most useful and enjoyable areas of your home for you and your family. Yet it’s often overlooked in terms of beauty, upkeep, and even healthy environment considerations.

Concrete floors are less than attractive to look at; dull, grey, sometimes uneven—or even chipped, cracked or showing other imperfections. While there are some alternatives, most of them leave you totally exposed to humidity, moisture, dampness, spills and flooding—leading to expensive and unsightly water damage, mold and mildew.

With Everlast® Pebble Stone, your family’s safety comes first

basement epoxy natural stone flooring

Your basement is a prime target for toxic mold and mildew growth. These mold spores love to hide out in dark, chilly areas with little ventilation—and as we’ve already mentioned, protecting against them isn’t easy with most flooring surfaces.

Everlast® Pebble Stone flooring is scientifically proven to prevent mold and mildew from taking hold, giving your family the cleanest and freshest air possible as they enjoy time together in what would otherwise be a “hotbed” for mold and mildew.

This is yet another reason why we believe Everlast® Pebble Stone to be your #1 flooring choice for your family’s #1 recreation room—your basement

Create a space your family can enjoy—together

It’s easy to miss out on family time these days, with everyone so busy on their computers and phones. The first step to getting everyone together regularly is to create a space they all want to enjoy!

Everlast® Pebble Stone is the perfect solution for turning your basement into a comfortable, warm living space for your whole family to have fun in—together.

You can install Everlast® Pebble Stone right over concrete, creating a new, improved surface and giving your basement a fresh, welcoming look—along with a floor that’s both practical and durable. Just add some games and watch the kids flock out of their secluded rooms, and into the hip new family hangout you’ve created!

Insultation that’s 3X more effective than carpeting

Though Everlast® Pebble Stone has excellent aesthetic appeal, its benefits don’t end with looks alone.

That’s because Everlast® Pebble Stone gives you more insulation than carpeting—or linoleum, wood, tile and vinyl, for that matter. This is an extremely important quality for your basement, because the extra protection translates into:

  • Added warmth for more comfort and LOWER heating bills
  • Extra dryness to protect against even the hint of mold and mildew
  • A quieter atmosphere as Everlast® Pebble Stone is an excellent muffler for loud noises, such as from TV, video games and music

Summary of benefits you’ll get with Everlast® Pebble Stone

  • Provides eco-friendly flooring
  • Comes in many colors and styles
  • Totally impervious to moisture and even flooding
  • Looks attractive, clean and fresh
  • Covers up concrete and other unsightly surfaces—for good
  • Hydrostatic ports let concrete breathe naturally, so moisture evaporates BEFORE mold and mildew move in
  • Scientifically engineered to be durable and long lasting
  • Provides more insulation than any other basement flooring option
  • Less noise / quieter basement environment
  • Lower heating bills during cold season

We make it affordable for you

We know you want the best for your family, so we’ve made Everlast® Pebble Stone available at prices that are family friendly.

Get a FREE estimate now, or find out more about how Everlast® Pebble Stone can make your basement safer and more attractive for your family today!

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