Easy to Install, Long Lasting & Decorative Epoxy Floor Coatings

>>> Attractiveness...

Your floor needs a fabulous new look, and not every product will do. Many coatings are just solid colors. We not only have different styles of quartz or chip blends, we also have a line of metallic epoxy flooring.

>>> Durability...

Ideally, your floors must last for decades into the future. They should be able to withstand moderate foot traffic, potential heavy impact, and scrapes and abrasions. The biggest mistake people make is taking a one-size-fits-all approach. With so many different products available, don't leave it to chance. Contact us so discuss your floors unique challenges, so we can recommend the right solution tailored just for you.

>>> Ease of maintenance...

Your floor needs to be easy to clean. Tile has grout lines that get stained easily. Carpet has a way of keeping moisture around, so it get's dirty fast because moisture attracts dirt. VCT is pourous and that's why the stains often never come out.

We provide 4 flooring designs and many different colors to choose from. Keep reading to find out more about the unique advantages of getting an Everlast® Epoxy Floor Paint.

Solid Color Epoxy Flooring
Color Chip Epoxy Flooring
Color Quartz Epoxy Flooring
Luminescent Metallic Flooring

Metallic Blue Epoxy Floor

You also many different color options to choose from and can even get a stunning pearlescent metallic that resembles a marbled three dimensional decorative floor filled with luster and shine:

But that's not all...These cosmetic features are only the tip of the iceberg. Everlast® Epoxy Floor Paints are stronger, safer, more durable, and visually superior.

Consider These 9 Facts About Everlast® Epoxy Floor Paints:

>>> You can expect a floor lifespan up to 20 years

For most establishments, this is a considerable increase in a floor's life expectancy. You get to extend the lifespan and improve performance of your floors. The epoxy polymers are also heat, impact and fire resistant, making them ideal for areas with moderate foot traffic.

>>> The installation process is quick

Your floor space can be open to foot traffic in only 4 hours—which means minimal downtime. Your facility can stay open for business because we have a fast-cure solution that you can apply after hours, allowing you to be open for business again the next morning.

epoxy floor coating

>>> Everlast® Epoxy Floor Paints are easy to maintain

The coated surfaces are 100% non-porous. Germs and bacteria cannot penetrate this non-porous coating, and are easily wiped off. This seamless, non-porous surface requires less water to clean, allowing for additional cost savings. This also means there there are no cracks or crevices for insects to hide, which minimizes the insect population and less pesticides are needed.

>>> Our epoxy is safer

Can be made more slip resistant than tile or hardwood floors—thus reducing the chances of accidents, injuries and liability suits.

>>> Epoxy increases light reflectivity up to 300%

Making rooms 3 times brighter, possibly lowering utility expenses by lessening the need for auxiliary lighting.

>>> Everlast® Epoxy Floor Paints are more affordable

Less than half the price of our industrial strength epoxy floors, while still retaining superior strength and durability.

>>> We provide 4 different solutions

To accommodate your specific needs:
>>> Indoor use
>>> Light UV Protection for indoor use where UV protection is needed
>>> Extra UV Protection (outdoor use)
>>> Fast Dry, for fast installation in one day

>>> Less waste during installation

For most tile installations, there are usually a few wheelbarrow loads of leftover scrap pieces. Sheet PVC and rubber flooring installations leave an enormous amount of waste. This just sits in our landfills. Everlast® epoxy floors are installed one bucket at a time. The waste on an Everlast® epoxy flooring project will consist of the leftover bucket at the end of each phase of the job. Usually the non-recyclable portion of the waste is less than 50 pounds.

Solid Color Epoxy Floor Coating
Color Chip Epoxy Floor Coating
Color Quartz Epoxy Floor Coating
Luminescent Metallic Floor Coating