Freezing Temperature Epoxy Flooring

Freezing Temperature Epoxy Flooring

From thermally-challenged southern facilities to installations in the frozen north, experienced specifiers choose Everlast® Floor and cove base to maintain the required integrity of food service cooler and freezer space.

When choosing a walk-in refrigeration unit, there are specific guidelines to choosing the appropriate insulated wall panels to the condensing unit, the fans, the air-defrost evaporator and the proper door track defrosters must be chosen. But many times the flooring gets overlooked. The floors in your coolers and freezers are an important factor in the longevity, the hygiene and the safety of your foodservice facility.

The proper flooring can help protect your building from frost heave. Water expands when it is frozen and this is the root cause of frost heave. Everlast® epoxy flooring and cove base will provide a water seal to protect your substrate. Now, if a container leaks in your walk-in box, you don't need to be worry about liquid running down the wall and through the crack behind your cove base and then through your substrate and down into the soil below providing an opportunity for the soil to expand creating "frost heave" which can push your flooring up and create an unleveled surface which then creates a risk of shelves tipping – as well as the possibility of cracks in the flooring.

Freezing Temperature Epoxy Floor Coating

Everlast® Floor is engineered to perform in sub zero temperatures and still provide a healthy durable and attractive floor.

The team at Everlast® epoxy flooring understands the importance of continuing functionality and has recognized the need to install flooring in a functioning freezer/cooler under 30°F conditions. So we offer a full line of cooler/freezer flooring to suit your specific need. We have products that require no down time, unlike other epoxies that require shut-down during installation.


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