Attention! Hard Working, Dedicated, Loyal, Honest & Professional Individuals...


SUPERSTAR Accountant / Bookkeeper

About Us

We’re Everlast Epoxy, a nationwide commercial epoxy flooring manufacturer based in beautiful Columbia Tennessee. We make the world's cleanest, healthiest, and safest commercial flooring solution.

We sell only top-line products and offer our customers a LIFETIME limited warranty by enrolling in our care plan. We are not for customers looking to save money by buying roll-on paint with magic glitter. We send them to our competitors. If you are not comfortable selling high-end products for high-end prices then this job is not for you.

Many of our customers buy and buy again. Restaurants, public school systems, hospitals, universities, churches, and contractors… they all buy from us. And when they need more flooring or expanding, we’re the only one they call. The best indicator of the health of a company is the number of satisfied, loyal customers they have. The best way to gauge satisfaction is to look at how many repeat customers a company has… our customers aren’t just happy, they’re raving fans. They brag about their floors. They constantly tell us, once they experienced an Everlast Epoxy floor they’ll never accept anything else again. No more redoing a floor every 2-3 years. They LOVE Everlast Epoxy.

About The Job

Have you always wanted to work in an office where you were an integral part of the TEAM?

Do you love working with people and solving problems? This position is one of the most important in the office. It involves daily and constant work with our customers and vendors and internal TEAM.

This position pays about $28 - $32 per hour depending upon your experience.

Some of the tasks and requirements and benefits are:


  • Bookkeeping
  • AP - managing payables
  • AR - managing receivables
  • Fill out government vendor applications and other related forms
  • Government invoicing and collections
  • Process payroll and manage the records of employees working, sick, and vacation hours
  • Vendor purchase order management
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Some other fun stuff I can’t think of right now.


  • Team player with strong customer service attitude
  • Knowledge of accounting principles, financial statements, practices, and procedures
  • Strong organizational and time management skills with the ability to prioritize conflicting requirements to meet all established deadlines
  • Must be able to work under pressure and independently
  • Problem solving/analytical skills with ability to meet hard deadlines


  • Company 401(k)
  • Company Health Care Plan
  • Paid Holidays with Paid Vacation
  • Beautiful 3rd Floor Office on the Columbia Square

Why YOU Would Want to Work Here

We're a fun team to work with and you'd like us. You will get to work with responsible and loyal team members who you can depend on to be reliable and faithful to their commitments and obligations because we care about each other, the company, and our customers. Everlast Epoxy team members are self-driven, so we are persistent and do not forget commitments or give up in the face of inaction from the outside. Because our team is made up of intelligent men and women, we are trainable, and we use our combined keen mental capacity to overcome challenges and to use past experiences to improve upon our systems (which we call playbooks) to constantly better our efficiency and productivity.

We provide security and the means to live a healthy lifestyle to employees, partners, customers, and the public:

  • to Employees with a fun and meaningful place to work with opportunity for growth and bonuses
  • to Partners with an opportunity to earn a good income by providing a meaningful product and service
  • to Customers by providing the world’s cleanest, healthiest, and safest flooring solution - without the worry of having to waste time and money to repair or replace it constantly
  • to the Public by having the cleanest, healthiest, and safest flooring in many businesses and facilities they frequent

You’ll get to work in our office on the square in beautiful Columbia Tennessee.

We’ll offer you a fair salary depending on the value you bring.

About You

Please NO whiners or complainers. People unable to work effectively “under extreme pressure”, require “babysitting”, are unable to handle extreme pressure, or wear masks to hide their smiling face need not apply. Only those seriously committed to being a loyal member of our fast-paced, TEAM oriented, forward-thinking culture should apply. David is not a micro-manager and you must be able to stay current on your responsibilities without being constantly reminded.

Our team is made up of problem solvers not problem bringers.

Must currently live or be willing to move to within 40 minutes of Columbia Tennessee, as this is an office job in downtown Columbia on the square.

YOUR Work Ethic

Since we will be paying you to work this section is extremely important You enjoy working and are grateful for opportunities to use your God given talents and skills to make a positive influence and earn a living. You don't view your job as an interruption of your life, but as a natural part of your life.

You understand you are NOT getting paid just for being at work but for how you spend your time at work (i.e. The value you bring to the business). You understand that the reason the business exists is to make a profit and ALL who work here (team members & owners) must make that their foremost priority. Otherwise, the business will not be able to pay or keep employees.

You are scrupulous about using the time you are getting paid, for the purposes of the business, and NOT for the purposes of your personal life (checking emails, texting, surfing the internet, Facebook, ticktoc, answering personal mobile calls, etc.). Finally, you understand the risks a small business owner faces everyday that the business is open, and are cooperative with the decisions that he makes, whether they suit you or not.

We do NOT mean to be harsh, but it is what it is. We truly bust our tails at Everlast Epoxy, that's why we need more help. We need someone who will be able to keep up with us. We don't have the time nor do we enjoy micro-managing you. We will clearly set out our expectations and remind you if you forget and if you fail to meet them. We want you to be part of our team and not just a worker here. We want to give you autonomy, and we want to let you be free to do the WORK that you are getting paid to do and that you ENJOY doing.

Finally, Our “We Will NOT Tolerate List"

  • * Dishonesty - We will not stand for a hint of it.
  • * Out of Control Ego - There is NO need for it (we are a TEAM at Everlast Epoxy).
  • * Negative Attitude
  • * Laziness - We all work hard here You will too.
  • * Drama - We don't have the time or energy.
  • * People who can NOT follow instruction.
  • * People who can NOT manage their time.
  • * People who bring their problems to someone else instead of solving them themselves.
  • * Anyone 'smart' or mean with a customer - they are our present and future.
  • * Phoniness - I am direct. You should be too.
  • * Moodiness - this is a business about PERSONALITY (Not selling floors)
  • * Whiners & Complainers - Life is too short.

This Job Is NOT For Everyone!

So these are the “Facts of Life" at Everlast Epoxy. If you are still reading and have NOT been scared off by the AWESOME challenge (and demands) of working on our awesome healthy floor business - then carefully follow the instructions below to "raise your hand and let us know who you are. *** Remember, We are absolutely SWAMPED with people applying to work with us so you need to put your best foot forward.

How To Apply

Please mail your resume to: David Linton, 2000 Mallory Ln Ste 130 Box 723-WP, Franklin, TN 37067

NOTE: Please do NOT call, email, fax or visit us at the office to inquire about this job. Just mail your resume as instructed. using the USPS Post Office, UPS or FedEx to the above address.

Your resume should be accompanied by three (3) personal AND three (3) professional references

Your resume should also be accompanied by a short two essay (less than 1 page) on your choice of ONE of the following two topics:

  • Describe the person (present, past, deceased, living) you most admire and why?
  • Describe an experience that has been the MOST valuable to you and why?

NOTE: Applications without references (6) and a completed Short essay will NOT be considered.

Deadline For Applicants is Friday, September 9th at 6:00pm

Thank you for your interest in working with us at Everlast Epoxy!