Building owners and landlords spend a lot of time and money maintaining and protecting their properties. Many different people will call these buildings home over periods of time and tenants will inevitably have an effect on the surfaces of their units, especially floors. Replacing and cleaning these floors can be a huge expense for property owners and managers and can delay move-in times for new tenants resulting in further costs for landlords. Rental properties need a flooring system that is durable, easy to clean, and aesthetically fitting that also won’t need to be continually replaced or repaired. Everlast Epoxy Flooring exactly that. Everlast Epoxy manufactures a proprietary product called Everlast Floor, a blend of high-quality resins that are antimicrobial, easy to clean, slip resistant, and incredibly durable.

Everlast Epoxy Floors

Everlast Epoxy Floors come in a variety of different colors and because of their durability and non-porous surface, won’t need to go through the expensive and time-consuming process of deep cleaning or replacement. They can be installed just once and stay strong through even the heaviest of use making them a perfect choice for rental properties.

Whether it is a four-unit building or a complex of 300 hundred apartments, rental properties sustain high levels of wear and tear and can get dirty very easily over time. Professional cleaning is not only costly, but the process and chemicals are detrimental to floors that are already in disrepair racking up more costs for building owners. Let’s say a landlord is responsible for managing and maintaining a complex of 200 apartment units. These units have tile floors and management has had to replace them multiple times resulting in thousands of dollars in reflooring costs. The newest edition of flooring is already beginning to look worn down, even after professional cleaning, and they have decided it’s time to implement a flooring option that will never need to be replaced again. Choosing Everlast Floor is the perfect solution. Everlast Floor is durable, non-porous, and easy to clean which will eliminate the need for constant replacement. It is made with EPA-registered antimicrobial additives and is completely seamless which keeps it safe from pests, moisture, and heavy use. Everlast Floor is also three times thicker than its competition making it the strongest available floor and, consequently, perfect for an apartment setting, when one unit can be inhabited by many different people over the course of its life.

Apartments can experience all kinds of disrepair and many landlords and building owners are well aware of these kinds of maintenance needs. Many floors and surfaces will take abuse through simple use and traffic over time, but floors can fall victim to natural forces as well, most notably water. Water damage is common but can result in warped floors, mildew, and mold. Mold can grow in even the smallest of spaces like corners and cracks. It is tough to find and even more difficult and expensive to eradicate. Because Everlast Floor is seamless, antimicrobial, and non-porous, it is impervious to water damage and stops the growth of microbes before tit can even start. Landlords invest in a lot of time and money into their properties, and Everlast Floor offers them a flooring system that is easy to clean, strong, and won’t require continual replacement.


Rental properties take a heavy amount of abuse over time and tenants can be especially tough on buildings when the consequence is theirs. This can cause headaches for landlords and managers as well as time and money spent on constant repairs. Professional floor cleaning is expensive and time-consuming, it can eat into a building’s repair budget and can be extremely hard on flooring that is already compromised. Everlast Floor eliminates the need for constant cleaning and repairs. It’s durability and seamless design make it perfect for apartment life, and its antimicrobial, non-porous surface protect it from even the toughest culprits like pets, water damage, pests, and continual use. It is thicker than the competition and easy to clean making it a perfect choice for an apartment setting, for renters and building owners alike. Protect your buildings and your floors by choosing Everlast Epoxy Floor for your rental properties.