Thompson’s Construction renovated this old post office building in downtown Helena Alabama, turning it into the new home for Sunshine and Pumpkin Catering.

The post office building was block construction with a flat roof. They wanted to use eco-friendly green building methods so they repurposed most of the materials. They used the existing roof system as floor joists and repurposed all the concrete blocks and much of the other materials. What materials they couldn’t use for the new renovation they gave away for other local building projects. They kept as much of the old materials out of the landfill as possible.

So what was once an unused building in the old downtown section of Helena is now a catering business. It has a kitchen downstairs and the upstairs has supplies for catering and wedding planning.

They needed it to conform to the local health department standards for a foodservice kitchen so they installed an Everlast® epoxy floor. The floor was the single largest surface that they had to deal with so they wanted a floor that would not have a bunch of joints that would harbor microbes and germs and be hard to clean. They are happy with their Everlast® Floor because it has served them well for a few years now and they are still getting 100%’s on their health department inspections!