Waterparks are a great way to cool off, and after a year of quarantine, everyone wants to make the most of the summer. Waterpark operators know that to attract families, they need to give guests the best experience in all areas of the park: from white-knuckling water rides to keeping swimmers safe.

The surface of a waterpark can directly impact the guest’s enjoyment of the day. Our team has worked with park operators who’ve faced challenges with slippery surfaces, hot concrete, and ugly, cracked floors. We’ve solved their issues by installing our durable Everlast® Outdoor Tough flooring for waterparks.

The longer visitors stay at your waterpark, the more money they will spend. Providing a clean and comfortable environment for guests starts from the floor up. Here is how Outdoor Tough flooring for waterparks can enhance your guest’s enjoyment.

Waterpark flooring with guest safety in mind

Waterparks need to maintain an excellent safety record, and the design and maintenance of all features in the park—including the floor—should be planned with guest safety as a priority.

Reduce the risk of slips and falls at your waterpark by installing Everlast® Outdoor Tough epoxy flooring. It’s designed with a textured finish that gives wet feet additional grip as guests move around the park, minimizing the occurrences of slips and falls.

Even in the constantly wet conditions of a waterpark, the ribbed yet nonabrasive surface delivers comfort and safety to visitors. For increased protection, Everlast® floors can be finished with an additional non-slip glaze coat to help prevent slips and reduce the risk of a costly lawsuit caused by an accident on an inferior, slippery floor.

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A waterproof flooring system

Waterpark operators need to install a tough flooring solution that prevents water from seeping through the surface and damaging the substrate. 

Everlast® Outdoor Tough is a seamless, waterproof flooring solution that does not allow water ingression, keeping your park flooring looking great and performing for years to come.

Water that gets trapped in the substrate of unsuitable floors, such as tiles or concrete, also creates a haven for bacteria and odors to thrive, which is both unsanitary and off-putting for guests.

Truly weatherproof flooring

Over time, many epoxy resin floors will turn yellow when exposed to prolonged sunlight, which poses an issue for waterpark operators who need a pristine-looking park to attract guests. 

Everlast® Outdoor Tough is designed to withstand the harshest of environments and is the only truly UV-resistant flooring solution available. It will not discolor or degrade when exposed to the sun’s UV rays, keeping your waterpark flooring looking its best for decades.

Our flooring is also developed with a proprietary UV-resistant polyavastic that is resistant to the effects of chlorine, making Outdoor Tough the ideal choice for waterparks and pools.

Comfortable to stand and walk on 

If you’ve ever stood on hot concrete or a tiled floor with bare feet, you’ll know just how uncomfortable it can be. Epoxy flooring is cool and comfortable to walk on for both guests and staff standing at lifeguard stations.

Antimicrobial flooring to impede the growth of bacteria

Wet environments attract bacteria, mildew, and fungi and provide a constant hygiene battle for waterpark janitorial staff. Everlast® Outdoor Tough contains an EPA-registered component that protects flooring from germs and microorganisms, creating a sanitary environment for visitors.

And because the flooring is seamless, there will be no unsightly mould creeping along the joins, causing objectionable odors and making the park look unclean.

Easy to clean and maintain

Waterparks cover a vast area, and with so much flooring to keep clean and maintained, you need a solution that makes life easy for janitors.

Outdoor Tough is easy to clean and will never require buffing or polishing to remain fresh-looking. After the park closes, simply wash down with our Everlast® cleaning solution and squeegee the dirt and grime down the nearest drain—you’ll be ready to reopen the next day.

Outdoor Tough looks great too

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a floor with so many impressive properties may only be available in limited colors—there has to be a drawback, right?


Outdoor Tough flooring for waterparks is available in 20 shades, ranging from classic waterpark shades like light turquoise and aqua blue to light tan and limestone for a more natural, earthy look. 

Many of the waterpark operators we have worked with have also incorporated their logos and branding into the flooring for a unique and welcoming look in lobbies and locker rooms, as well as poolside.

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Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!