Leaky Floor Waterproofing Solution

Everlast Floor provides a seamless, waterproof, self-containing surface, ensuring that the water goes into the drains as it should, rather than damaging the walls and subfloor.

Many epoxy floors claim to be waterproof, but unless they are a resin-rich poured floor, they are only temporarily waterproof. To much aggregate needed for most quartz epoxy flooring leads to voids and are easily penetrated. Such systems, even when “top-coated” provide only temporary protection and will fail prematurely.

Wet Conditions: When a commercial kitchen, or any floor that is continually wet, is built on anything but ground floor, a completely waterproof floor must be used. Any extra expense spent on the floor will be minimal in comparison with the cost of ceiling repair underneath, and continually repairing or replacing the floor entirely.

The Solution: Everlast Floor is not only waterproof, but it also bonds to all the drains, electrical con-duits, coke conduits, gas lines, plumbing lines, and anything else protruding out of the floor.